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Police arrest Casper man alleged to break into Nissan dealership while on meth

Adam Barelle (courtesy of the Casper Police Department)

CASPER, Wyo. — A Casper man has been arrested on recommended alleged burglary (two counts), possession of burglary tools, larceny and possession of methamphetamine charges.

Adam Wayne Barelle was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 16 after Casper police officers responded to the report of a burglary at Nissan of Casper.

The call came in at about 7:20 am, according to a Casper Police Department affidavit.

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After being confronted by an employee at the dealership, Barelle reportedly fled on foot.

In an interview with the Nissan employee, officers were told that Barelle had been seen in the shop bay area and service area of the dealership at about 7 am. Barelle was allegedly attempting to open a locked tool box.

Nissan opens at 9 am, but the employee told officers they had checked that all doors were locked when arriving for work. They found that all doors had been locked.

The employee told officers they noticed a blue “slim-jim” type tool protruding from Barelle’s back pocket. Officers say this tool was later identified as a San Jamar tool.

The employee told officers they grabbed Barelle and escorted him out of the building.

The employee lost sight of Barelle near the “Let Er’ Buck” car wash for a time. While on the phone with dispatch, the employee found a different set of doors unlocked and slightly ajar, suspecting that Barelle had entered the business through these doors.

The employee regained sight of Barelle and began to chase him.

Officer Andre Moyd located the employee chasing Barelle west across Wyoming Boulevard. Moyd apprehended Barelle in the Walgreen’s parking lot.

Barelle allegedly attempted to discard a blue piece of plastic which Moyd said he pulled from his rear pocket. Officers confiscated the bag and recognized it to contain methamphetamine. A field test was performed and the substance tested “presumptive positive for methamphetamine.”

When Barelle was escorted to Officer Michael Chand’s patrol vehicle, police allegedly found numerous items on him including a pair of car keys with a library card belonging to another person, receipts of car pars and work orders for vehicles with Nissan of Casper documentation attached.

In addition, Barelle was allegedly wearing a “Let ‘Er’ Buck” car wash coat, which is different than the jacket the Nissan employee had described him as wearing.

A “Let ‘Er Buck” employee told police they had noticed a black leather coat hanging in the shop that didn’t belong to anyone working there and that an employee’s coat was missing. Another employee told the first employee that a man had attempted to break into his Jeep. They then noticed the chase involving Barelle and the Nissan employee.

The “Let ‘Er Buck” employee observed Barelle allegedly tossing the blue San Jamar tool into the parking lot while police were in pursuit.

Other officers later went back to the Nissan dealership and used the tool to manipulate the latch of the doors and open them, suspecting that this is how Barelle allegedly gained entrance.

The “Let ‘Er Buck” employee who alleged that Barelle had attempted to break into his Jeep told officers they confronted Barelle who told the employee he was “looking for something he lost.”

Once the Nissan employee located Barelle at the car wash, the “Let ‘Er Buck” employee says Barelle took off running again. The car wash employee said he later realized Barelle had been wearing the “Let ‘Er Buck” coat.

They reported nothing stolen from the vehicle, though items had been moved around.

Video surveillance from the “Let ‘Er Buck” car wash provided evidence that Barelle had entered wearing a black jacket and came back out of the office wearing a red jacket. The footage also shows Barelle’s alleged break-in to the Jeep and the pursuit involving the Nissan employee.

Officers searched the black jacket Barelle allegedly left at the car wash and located a glass pipe which tested “presumptive positive” for methamphetamine. They also found further items belonging to the person whose keys and library card they’d allegedly found on Barelle’s person when he was apprehended.

They discovered another set of car keys and a piece of paper with the locations of multiple vehicles which had different license plate numbers written on it.

After reading Barelle his rights in the Walgreen’s parking lot, Barelle reportedly became confused and asked what day it was. He told officers he thought it was Nov. 11 after they told him it was Nov. 16.

At that point, officers thought Barelle was under the influence of a controlled substance. He was transported to the Wyoming Medical Center for a medical evaluation.

Following that, Barelle was transported to the Casper Police Department to be interviewed by Detective Anthony Stedillie.

During the interview, Barelle said he’d never worked at the Nissan dealership but denied breaking into the business. The affidavit says he told Stedillie he’d found the doors unlocked and that he needed to go inside “to look for clues.”

He refused to explain any further what he meant by that.

Barelle admitted to being inside the Jeep, saying that he was looking for his own property inside. He didn’t articulate what items he was searching for.

Officers weighed the bag they’d allegedly seen Barelle throw from his person and found that it contained 17.2 grams of methamphetamine.

After logging evidence, officers took Barelle into custody and explained his charges.

The two counts of burglary are for the alleged incidents at Nissan of Casper and the Jeep at the “Let ‘Er Buck.”

The larceny charge is for Barelle allegedly taking the “Let ‘Er Buck” coat.