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Casper PD Incident Report Log (11/26/19 – 11/27/19)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Police Department Incident Summary Report is provided by the Casper Police Department and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included or certain calls may have some information withheld.

The CPD Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call; as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival.

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A call is not indicative of an arrest or criminal activity. Only that a call was made to that location.

Information is provided by the Casper Police Department at the request of Oil City.

Any persons cited or arrested during any law enforcement call are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges from those arrests can are subject to official filings from the appropriate office.

Tuesday – 11/26

TimeLocationCall Type
10:05 AM 1200 block of E 1st St911-Welfare
11:54 AM 1700 block of E 12th St911-Welfare
8:01 PM 900 block of W 11th St911-Welfare
7:22 PM 2500 block of S Jefferson St911-Welfare
10:20 AM Granite Peak Dr & E 2nd StAccident Pd
1:20 PM W 10th St & S Poplar StAccident Pd
1:57 PM Sw Wyoming Blvd & Outer RdAccident Pd
1:07 PM E 1st St & N Fenway StAccident Pd
7:18 PM E 21st St & Se Wyoming BlvAccident Pd
12:18 PM Sycamore St & W 15th StAccident Pi
3:35 PM W 10th St & S Chestnut StAccident Pi
6:27 PM W 12th St & S Ash StAccident Pi
9:16 PM Cy Ave & Jade AveAccident Pi
10:34 AM 1200 block of E 5th StAgency Assist
3:11 PM 200 block of HoneysuckleAgency Assist
3:46 PM 1000 block of W 1st StAgency Assist
12:55 PM 3400 block of Saratoga RdAnimal Noise
9:58 PM King St & 2nd StAnimal Noise
11:27 AM 8100 block of Zero RdAnimal Problem
12:43 PM 300 block of S Jefferson StAnimal Problem
6:13 PM 1100 block of S Jackson StAnimal Problem
12:02 PM 1400 block of S Elm StArson
9:44 AM 4000 block of S Poplar StAssault
1:03 PM 2000 block of Sagewood AveAssault
3:53 PM E 12th St & S Beverly StAttempt-Locate
9:04 AM 700 block of N Park StCitizen Comp
1:22 PM 2900 block of Central DrCivil Standby
7:35 PM 5500 block of PathfinderCivil Standby
7:47 PM E 21st St & Se Wyoming BlvDead Animal
11:56 PM 100 block of S Lennox StDisturbance
2:53 PM 4000 block of Plaza DrDrugs
8:42 PM 600 block of S Center StDrugs
4:09 PM 400 block of E A StEms Assist
3:14 PM 400 block of W F StFire Assist
7:02 PM 300 block of W B C StFire Assist
2:30 PM 300 block of S Grant StFraud
12:41 PM 300 block of N Lincoln StFvpa Violation
2:50 PM 900 block of S Elm StHarassment
4:34 PM 1000 block of S Jackson StHit And Run
6:23 PM 4400 block of E 2nd StHit And Run
8:48 PM 2000 block of Manor DrHit And Run
11:31 AM 2400 block of Hickory StJuvenile Prob
4:14 PM DahliaJuvenile Prob
6:32 PM W 15th St & S Cedar StMotorist Assist
7:26 PM 300 block of E E StMotorist Assist
10:16 AM 400 block of N Fenway StParking Problem
12:46 PM 3200 block of E 15th StParking Problem
3:24 PM Monte Vista Dr & Granada AParking Problem
9:09 PM E 7th St & Country Club RdPublic Intox
12:24 PM 700 block of E Yellowstone HwyShoplifting
3:31 PM 4200 block of Cy AveShoplifting
4:09 PM 4400 block of E 2nd StShoplifting
9:47 AM 100 block of E M StStray Animal
10:44 AM 300 block of N Walsh DrStray Animal
12:37 PM 3300 block of Linda VistaStray Animal
1:51 PM 9700 block of Alexander RdStray Animal
2:16 PM 300 block of N Lincoln StStray Animal
2:49 PM Craig Thomas BlvdStray Animal
3:47 PM 600 block of S Durbin StStray Animal
3:53 PM S Walsh Dr & E 2nd StStray Animal
5:10 PM Copper Ave & 5th StStray Animal
7:32 PM 2900 block of Knollwood DrStray Animal
3:55 PM 3400 block of Trappers TrlSuicidal Subj
5:52 PM 1100 block of W 22nd StSuicidal Subj
8:13 PM 200 block of W 7th StSuicidal Subj
11:36 PM 600 block of Cy AveSuicidal Subj
3:13 PM 800 block of N Beech StSuspicious
9:40 PM Wind River Ave & Gannett SSuspicious
10:56 PM 2600 block of E 3rd StSuspicious
6:47 PM 4000 block of Washakie StTheft
7:48 PM 4000 block of Plaza DrTheft
10:00 PM 1000 block of E 2nd StTheft
11:59 AM 1400 block of S Elm StTobacco Ordinan
8:07 AM E 5th St & S Beverly StTraffic Stop
10:49 AM E A St & N Durbin StTraffic Stop
11:51 AM E C St & N Mckinley StTraffic Stop
1:55 PM S Poplar St & King BlvdTraffic Stop
2:33 PM E 12th St & S Beverly StTraffic Stop
3:04 PM S Walsh Dr & E 8th StTraffic Stop
3:09 PM W 25th St & S Odell AveTraffic Stop
3:22 PM E 12th St & Hazelwood DrTraffic Stop
3:47 PM E 2nd St & Se Wyoming BlvdTraffic Stop
5:08 PM Sw Wyoming Blvd & W 13th STraffic Stop
6:33 PM W 1st St & N Poplar StTraffic Stop
8:29 PM E 19th St & S Mckinley StTraffic Stop
8:44 PM Cy Ave & W 13th StTraffic Stop
9:23 PM E 2nd St & S Walsh DrTraffic Stop
9:23 PM 520 S Ash StTraffic Stop
10:38 PM E 1st St & N Beverly StTraffic Stop
10:50 PM E 15th St & Pinyon PkyTraffic Stop
11:51 PM Sweetbrier St & Eagle DrTraffic Stop
10:39 PM 3800 block of E 15th StUnconsciousness
2:44 PM 1400 block of S Lowell StVehicle Aband.
5:06 PM 3100 block of Quivera River RdVehicle Aband.
12:22 PM E 1st St & N Huber DrWelfare Check
1:19 PM 500 block of E M StWelfare Check
2:11 PM 800 block of N Lincoln StWelfare Check
3:50 PM 200 block of E 6th StWelfare Check
11:16 PM Cy Ave & S Robertson RdWelfare Check

Wednesday – 11/27

TimeLocationCall Type
2:44 AM 1200 block of E Yellowstone HwyAlarm Security
12:09 AM E 2nd St & Country Club RdTraffic Stop
12:36 AM S Poplar St & W Collins DrTraffic Stop
1:08 AM S Poplar St & W 15th StTraffic Stop
3:49 AM 4000 block of Plaza Dr Suite 1 1Traffic Stop
12:52 AM 900 block of S Jefferson StWelfare Check