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Shop local campaign uses $2 bills to help spread awareness


Casper, WY will join a list of other Wyoming cities this holiday shopping season by encouraging its residents to take part in a $2 Shop Local campaign — the goal of which is to inspire shoppers to spend more of their holiday shopping budget on local goods and services.

WyoCentral Federal Credit Union is partnering with Oil City News to promote the campaign, as well as to remind Casper citizens of the benefits of spending their dollars locally. The American Independent Business Alliance estimates that 48% of the revenue generated by a locally-owned independent business is recirculated back into the community in which they reside, compared to just 13.6% for a chain retailer and only 1% for a remote online store.  

Holiday shoppers are encouraged to take just 10% of their holiday shopping budget and exchange it at WyoCentral Federal Credit Union for $2 bills. The goal of the campaign is for those shoppers to then spend the $2 bills at locally-owned businesses and/or on locally manufactured goods and services.

In order to help spread the word and increase the effectiveness of the campaign, business owners are encouraged to keep those $2 bills in the till and give them as change to customers rather than deposit them. This will give employers and their staff an opportunity to spread word of the campaign to customers with the hope that each $2 bill is recirculated multiple times, being used to purchase local products each time.