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Fillies senior to shoot hoops for the Lady T-Birds; it’s a family tradition (PHOTOS)

Kate Robertson, center, stands with her family after committing to play for the Lady T-Birds next year. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — There is plenty of basketball skill in the Robertson family.

Kate Robertson is a senior member of the Natrona County High School Fillies basketball team. She has decided to play for the Casper College Lady Thunderbirds next year.

Her two older sisters and parents were at the Swede Erickson Gymnasium on Wednesday, Dec. 11 as Kate signed her commitment to play in front of a Casper crowd when she goes to college.

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Robertson stands with Lady T-Birds Head Coach Dwight Gunnare, left, and Assistant Coach Nate Macy on the right. Kate Robertson, right. (Courtesy of Casper College)

Kate’s sister Emily and her father Charles also played basketball at Casper College and her mother Nancy played at the University of Wyoming.

“I think it is cool to play for my hometown where people know me and have support for me already,” Kate said. “I’m just really excited. This is a stellar program on both the mens’ and girls’ sides.”

“I think maybe after talking to the coaches, I liked their vision for me and I was really excited to see what I can bring to the team and also the community here. Like the fans and the booster clubs are just super supportive. So I think it’s cool I can be a part of that environment.”

The Robertsons. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

Kate was a 2018-2019 All Conference Basketball and 2018 All-Conference Volleyball selection while at NC, Casper College says.

“We are super excited to sign Kate,” said Nate Macy, assistant women’s basketball coach. “She is long and athletic and will be a great addition to the class of 2020 for the Lady T-Bird Basketball team. We look forward to her doing great things as a Lady T-Bird.”

Charles says it is fun to support his children.

“I just love watching my kids do anything and having them do something that they love and that you also share in, that is really cool,” he said. “And then getting to see her play at a higher level, which is what she’s dreamed about for quite some time and she’s put in the work and the effort and now to see that pay off.”

Robertson with Fillies teammates Haley Gibson, left, and Tessa Coughenour, right. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

“One chapter is kind of coming to an end and more work is on its way and she’s excited about it. You can’t say enough about the coaches up here because they really take care of them and they will develop her to how she needs and they’ll be honest with here.”

Emily says she and her sister used to come to the Casper College gym as kids to shoot around.

“We would actually come up to the gym and shoot all the time together,” she said. “We are pretty competitive though so sometimes it would not end very well. I mean, basketball was always our thing.”

“I played two years ago here. I think for me it is exciting [to see Kate commit] because I get to stay and watch her but I also just know with Coach G (Coach Dwight Gunnare) and Coach Macy, she’s in good hands. She’s going to develop well as a player and I think she’s going to fit in perfectly with this team. It’s really exciting.”

Kate also talked about coming the team where her sister previously played.

“You know, my sister played here which was cool and it is cool to see what I can bring to the team and stuff,” she said. “I really like the coaching staff and this program has been very successful, they’ve had some really good athletes come out of it so if I can just work as hard as I can these two years then maybe I could move up to a higher level.”

On the academic side of things, Kate is considering following her mother’s footsteps and become a physical therapist.

“Both Charlie and I played ball and we have tried our best to not overwhelm our kids with the pressure to play,” Nancy said. “We encouraged it if they wanted to play travel ball. We paid for it and we took them and we’ve had a blast doing it but we’ve really tried to keep it low pressure and then let the coaches do their job and just encourage them to be a part of the program.”

“We’re very proud of her. She’s been so determined being the baby of this family and watching her sisters grow up. It’s exciting that she’s going to be able to play ball, that’s what she wants to do, and that’s she’s going to get to go to college.”

Her friends too are proud.

“She’s been talking about it forever,” NC teammate Haley Gibson said. “And then over Thanksgiving Break she goes, ‘I finally decided I want to commit to Casper College.'”

Another NC teammate, Tessa Coughenour, adds, “I’m so proud of her. I mean she works hard day in day out and it’s always something she’s wanted to do and she’s definitely put in the effort. I think it is cool and I’m really proud of her and excited to see what she’s going to do.”

Coughenour is thinking about going to school in Montana after graduation high school and Gibson wants to try to play for the Casper College soccer team next year.

Both said they hope to get the chance to come catch Kate in action as a Lady T-Bird.

Fillies Coach Brian Costello says that Kate will give the Lady T-Birds plenty of options.

“She plays a lot of positions for us,” he said. “She’s normally a center but she’ll step out and shoot threes and handle to ball. So she’s a pretty versatile player that way.”

Casper College says fans will likely see Kate at the forward and guard positions.

Kate says she is ready for a challenge.

“I just think about the level of competition,” she said. “It’s going to be a jump but I’m excited for the more competitive level and just playing with the girls here that are really great athletes and being teammates with them.”

People wait as Robertson prepares to sign her letter of commitment at “The Swede” on Wednesday. (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)