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UW at Casper: Faculty Spotlight

The University of Wyoming at Casper is spotlighting faculty that have recently joined their team. They join an award-winning set of faculty spanning an array of disciplines. Please help them in welcoming Paul, Greta, and Jim!

R. Paul Maddox II is an Assistant Professor in UW at Casper’s Counselor Education program, and is part of the College of Education’s School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy, and Design. “I have always had a love for learning and interacting with people. I am married to a wonderful woman, Brandie, and we have a 10-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, who are our pride and joy. We moved here from Missouri, and we are excited to come to Wyoming and join the Casper community. In my work and research as a counselor educator, I strive to call attention to the preparation and training of counselors, particularly school counselors, to address the diverse needs of all clients/students through three primary lines of inquiry: (a) School Counseling, (b) Counselor Education and Preparation, and (c) the use of play, creative/expressive arts, and experiential techniques in counseling and education.”

Paul has published articles and presented at numerous state, regional, and national conferences regarding a variety of counselor education related topics such as school counseling, play therapy, ethics, creativity in counseling, experiential learning, and pedagogy in counselor education.

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“My family and I are excited to come to Casper and be a part of the community here.  We like the overall pace of life and what it has to offer our family. With regard to UW-C in particular, I chose to join the UW-C team because I liked the collaborative and supportive atmosphere that is present amongst the faculty and staff. UW-C is a great place for students to complete their degree because of the unique supports and opportunities that it can offer. UW-C provides students with options that can help students balance their educational and personal life goals.”

Greta Maxfield is UW at Casper’s Assistant Lecturer in their Division of Social Work program. “I have been an adjunct with the Division of Social Work at UW Casper for four years, and I have really enjoyed it. I love teaching, getting to know the students, and being part of social work education. It is amazing to watch the development of students into professional social workers, ready to go out into the community and make an impact.”

Greta initially joined UW at Casper as an adjunct faculty member, moving to full-time in 2019. “I am looking forward to being able to be more involved with students in and out of the classroom than I was able to be as an adjunct. I am now a faculty adviser for two student groups, I am providing student advising, and I am also the field liaison for students who are completing their social work practicum in the field.”

“I chose social work many years ago because it offers many opportunities to work with people in a variety of settings and a range of capacities—from individual therapy to program development to policy advocacy. Social work is a discipline that impacts people and society at all levels.”

James Wright Creel II joined UW at Casper’s English program in 2019. His favorite part about being a Lecturer at UW-C? “I get to talk to people about movies, television, video games, and Disneyland for a living. I joined Casper because it presents a great opportunity to establish the English program at UW-C as a place where students can come for an education that blurs the disciplinary boundaries between rhetoric and literature by offering courses that look at film and literary texts using rhetorical methods.”

“I am piloting a new course called “Rhetoric, Media, and Popular Culture” in Spring 2020. This course takes everything I love about studying language and media and makes it accessible and (I hope) fun. Not only that, but it provides students an alternative to the traditional Tech Writing course, so students who are not as interested or excited about Tech Writing can take this and still get their COM3 credit.”

Are you interested in taking the next step in your career? Earn your bachelor’s degree in Casper! Admission for the University of Wyoming at Casper’s spring semester is open. For information on the online and classroom degrees offered, call 307-268-2713 or visit http://www.uwyo.edu/distance/programs/.