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Wyoming Gun Company Offering Less-Lethal Course

Firearms are a common and popular tool for self defense and protection, but what if you can’t get to your firearm?  If someone attacks you in the parking lot at the grocery store, do you know how you would get away?  Having some basic self defense skills and knowledge will do you some good.  Wyoming Gun Company wants to help with that!

WGC is an indoor training and shooting center offering the residents of Casper a state-of-the-art facility to learn, train and enjoy shooting sports in a safe environment. They have 9 lanes, running 25 yards and 7 lanes at 100 yards for shooters of all skill levels. In addition to their shooting ranges and retail options, Wyoming Gun Company also offers a variety of educational courses throughout the year, including a less than lethal self defense class.

This class aims to teach non-lethal defense techniques that don’t actually involve the use of firearms. Learn how to protect yourself in everyday life, discover and learn self-defense equipment, receive information about home and personal security, gain knowledge of situational awareness, and feel confident and safe.  Learn to spot trouble before it begins.

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“Our Less Lethal class will focus a lot on the different levels of situational awareness,” said Sean Mcgriff, the training coordinator at Wyoming Gun Company. “We’ll be talking about what things to look out for and how aware you should be in certain situations. The best conflict is a conflict avoided, things to make yourself a safer person inside and outside your home and how to help make your house a safer place. Most attacks will happen around your home. So, we try to teach people to be prepared for stuff like that.” 

“Then we’ll go into tools,” he continued, “things that you can use for self-defense such as mace, pepper sprays, pepper gels, tasers, batons of sorts, and more. Next we’ll go right into pressure point control techniques, things that you can do to get away in a hurry, and certain strikes that you can try to get away as quickly as possible.”

These classes are offered every month and it costs $125 per person. After the class, students will be given a certificate of completion. But even more than a piece of paper, those who participate will have a peace of mind and a skill set that will prove invaluable. While firearms are undoubtedly an important part of Wyoming’s culture, we want to teach that there are other options too. 

For more information about Wyoming Gun Company and the classes it offers, visit https://wyogun.com/ or call 307-337-4286.