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True Companies of Casper acquire C&Y Transportation Company


CASPER, Wyo. — The True Companies of Casper announced on Wednesday, April 1 that one of their companies, Black Hills Trucking Inc., has entered an agreement to acquire C&Y Transportation Company.

That agreement is effective as of Wednesday. The acquisition will allow Black Hills to expand services in the Powder River Basin and across the state.

“The acquisition of C&Y Transportation Company includes 210 acres of land capable of handling approximately 100,000 tons of pipe, a fleet of 17 trucks, 50 trailers and 10 forklifts,” the release states. “Black Hills Trucking hopes to retain as many of C&Y Transportation’s employees as possible. It is the goal to have a seamless integration with all employees treated fairly and with respect.”

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Black Hills Trucking Superintendent Marlin Hanson said that C&Y has not been a direct competitor.

“We are not a direct competitor of C&Y Transportation here in Casper, so this acquisition gives us the opportunity to diversify our trucking
operation,” Hanson said in the release. “C&Y has a good reputation and Black Hills Trucking has a lot of respect for them as a business. We look forward to continuing the business they have built.”

According to the release, C&Y Transportation was established in 1966 by Lloyd Cohee and Eddie Young. The company has been under the leadership of Cohee’s son Roy Cohee and his wife Barbara Cohee.

The company has provided services such as delivering “tubular goods” to oil fields, pipe yard storage and offloading of goods shipped by rail.

“The Cohee family is proud of this transaction that will keep the long term record of excellence going for many years to come,” Roy and Barbara Cohee said in the release.

True companies states that both transportation companies prioritize their employees and safety.

“By taking care of these two priorities, both companies achieve excellence in taking care of customer and production needs while having the agility to ride the boom and bust cycles of the energy industry,” the release states.

True companies are engaged in a number of industries in the region.

“The privately held True companies are industry leaders in a number of areas,” the release says. “For over 70 years they have been a staple in the Rocky Mountain region serving a broad base of customers in various industries including agriculture, oil and gas and financial services.”