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Diversion construction completed on Encampment River

Encampment River (Google Maps)

 CASPER, Wyo — Boating can resume as normal on the Encampment River after construction on a fish passage project was completed, according to release from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The construction project downstream of Baggot Rocks and upstream of the confluence with the North Platte River required mandatory portage during the 2019 boating season.

“The diversion was modified to provide upstream fish passage, but the main diversion design remains the same and can be a dangerous boating hazard,” said Bobby Compton, Fisheries Supervisor for the Laramie Region. “Boaters are free to boat as normal, but still need to use caution when they encounter the diversion. Scout it before you run it, and portage around it if necessary,” he said. 
The release stated that for the first time in more than 90 years, trout and other fishes will be able to migrate into the cooler water of the Encampment River during the summer. It will also allow more trout to access spawning habitats upstream of the dam.

Jeff Streeter, North Platte Project Manager for Trout Unlimited, said, “Better habitat means more fish for anglers to catch.”