CASPER, WY — Tensions and emotions ran high in Casper today as hundreds of protesters marched under the watchful eyes of social media users, police and armed citizens. For the most part, protesters were peaceful, police were tolerant and the community was supportive.

The march was held in memory of George Floyd, the black man whose video-recorded death under the knee of an arresting Minneapolis police officer last week snapped America’s already frayed racial tension. The day’s events began with a silent march from David Street Station to the Casper Police Department a few blocks away. After several emotional speeches from organizers and marchers, some members of the group continued to march well into the afternoon hours. This video captures the early stages of the protest.

All day long, our reporters witnessed moments of courage, inspiration, compassion and care. Of course, there were also occasional acts of civil disobedience and several verbal altercations between protesters and others. But at the end of the day, we’re #307Proud to see our community step up and exercise their constitutional rights in a peaceful way. Special thanks to Casper’s Jeremy Miller for shooting, producing and editing this video.

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