After rescuing child, Wyoming deputy and K9 to appear on ‘Dr. Phil’ program

Sweetwater County Deputy Sheriff Derek Morrell and K9 Deputy Jara meet songstress Meghan Trainor backstage of the ‘Dr Phil’ television program, as host Phil McGraw watches on. (Courtesy of the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office)

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office has announced that a Wyoming Deputy and K9 will appear on national television with host and personality Phil McGraw.

Deputy Sheriff Derek Morrell, and his canine partner, K9 Deputy Jara, will be the featured guests during an upcoming heroes segment on the nationally syndicated Dr. Phil television talk show.

Morrell and Jara have received international publicity, for their efforts in successfully locating and rescuing a missing child in Rock Springs last summer.

The SCSO says that in July of 2019, reporting parties told police that a four-year-old boy had wandered out of the yard while playing, and that he had been missing for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

A statement from the SCSO says that the missing boy suffered some developmental delays that inhibited his ability to speak.

“Sheriff’s deputies and officers from the Rock Springs Police Department immediately began canvassing the surrounding neighborhood in vehicles and on foot in search of the missing boy,” SCSO officials say. “Minutes later, Morrell and Jara arrived on scene and deployed from the residence in an effort to track the child by scent. Using an article of the boy’s clothing, Jara picked up a scent almost immediately. “

After persistently and forcefully dragging her human partner down an alleyway blocks away from the child’s home, officials say the K9 alerted to a locked vehicle parked in the alleyway.

The missing child was found curled up on the driver’s floorboard. After a precautionary evaluation by emergency medical personnel on scene, the child was reunited with his family.

“It was later determined that the boy found the vehicle unlocked and accidentally locked himself in the car after climbing inside,” SCSO says.

In December of 2019, executive producers from the Dr. Phil show arranged for a Morrell and Jara to fly to Hollywood for a weekend to film the segment in front of a live TV audience.

While backstage speaking with McGraw after the show, the pair reportedly met American singer-songwriter and recording artist Meghan Trainor.

The pair are scheduled to make their nationwide television appearance on the Dr. Phil show, which airs on Wednesday, September 9.

“Dr. Phil is incredibly kind, and his whole team treated us better than we deserve. Jara was a big hit with everyone we met. It’s an honor and a privilege to get to work with her. Most of the time, I’m on the dumb end of the leash with her leading the way. She’s an amazing asset to our agency and the community we serve.” Morrell says.

Morrell is a 10-year-veteran of the SCSO.

Serving since 2016, Jara is a six-year-old Belgian Malinois.