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Casper drives closer to mix of new parking rules, fine and fee hikes and decreases

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council considered a new parking ordinance for the city on second reading during their Tuesday, May 4 meeting.

The council passed the ordinance on second reading and would need to do so on one further reading before the ordinance could become law.

The new ordinance would modify a variety of parking regulations in Casper. It would pave the way for an accompanying resolution that the council will consider during their next regular meeting that would modify the parking fee structure in Casper.

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Fee changes would include:

  • establishing a new one-time application fee of $25 (for all permit types)
  • raising the RV parking permit fee from $25 to $250
  • reducing private handicapped parking space fees and temporary special needs parking permits from $300 to $50
  • setting critical parking-school permits at $25
  • setting loading zone permits at $300
  • setting parkway parking permit fees at $250 ($50 annual renewal)

The resolution would set parking fines as follows:

  • parking in a handicapped parking space without proper ID: $100
  • parking in critical parking-school space without proper ID: $50
  • parking on snow route during emergency: $50
  • parking on street in downtown business district from 3-6 am:
    • first violation: $25
    • second violation: $50
    • third violation: $75
  • parking without current registration/license: $110
  • misuse/violation of parking permit terms: $100
  • all other parking violations
    • first violation: $25
    • second violation: $50
    • third violation: $75

In addition to allowing for the resolution to establish the new parking fees and fines structure, the proposed new ordinance would allow for a new pilot “parking on the parkway” program along 12th and 13th Street between CY Avenue and McKinley Street. The “parkway” is the often grassy space between the roadway and the sidewalk which is owned by the city.

Under Casper’s current rules, parking on parkways is prohibited but the city has not been enforcing these rules since 2017 at the direction of the city council.

The program would require citizens wanting to obtain the $250 parkway parking permit to pave the parkway area at their own expense (under supervision of city staff) to be eligible for the permits.

Further details regarding the proposed new parking ordinance and resolution is available in the council’s work packet.