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The WYO Plant Bar: a unique experience with unique plants

Sarah Yeoman pointing to some of her famous Cacti and their flowers (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — As I walked down 2nd Street, I saw a sign for a place I had never seen before. Of course, I knew that Artisan Alley had been in that building for a while, but I had not seen the other side, known as the WYO Plant Bar.

This interesting business is a branch of Artisan Alley. The art place offers the opportunity to paint while sipping wine. Now they have also added an even more unique shop to the experience: a plant nursery and gardening center.

As you walk in, to the right you see a fancy bar table with stools to sit at. After that, there are a few steps that lead down to what I would consider a plant paradise. Arrayed along the walls and in the middle of the room are these beautiful, unique plants that would be sure to light up any room.

There are succulents, Venus flytraps, cacti, and all sorts of interesting plants. They sell plants that can survive in no light, low light, and artificial light, and plants that require no work to plants that require a lot of maintenance.

The Plant Bar (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

The owners collect plants from different places in Colorado and other places in town. Now they are even able to grow them sustainably themselves. This never stops them from looking for more unique plants to offer customers, though.

This beautiful little store and bar opened in May. Sarah Yeoman and Corinne Driscoll run it as a place where you can get a drink and buy plants that are not your typical houseplants.

Yeoman moved from South Florida. There, she had always been surrounded by tropical plants and houseplants. When she moved to Casper ten years ago, however, she found that it was much harder to find plants here. This inspired her to start her own store.

Together, Yeoman and Driscoll wanted to open the WYO Plant Bar. Their passion for plants helps drive the business. The plants were a perfect addition to the art, both being adventures that the owners love.

The Plant Bar (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

Do you love plants but are afraid of killing them? Yeoman said that she can give you instructions either verbally or on paper for how to properly care for them. If they even start to look sick, she does not mind nursing them back to health.

Once a week, they also offer terrarium classes that teach you how to set up a terrarium and give your plants a more aesthetic look. This allows you to add a little bit of art into your gardening experience.

The Plant Bar (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

The nursery and gardening center has unique plants that can be tailored to any lifestyle. You can pick up your plant and grab a sip of wine at The WYO Plant Bar.