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PHOTOS: Casper Mountain erosion work after flash flooding expected to last a week; Rotary Park closed

Flash flooding on Casper Mountain on 7/30/2021 (Courtesy Kamil Leman)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Transportation said on Monday, September 27 that work on Casper Mountain due to erosion stemming from flooding this summer is ongoing. Rotary Park will be closed until the work is complete.

Heavy rain on July 30 led to the temporary closure of Casper Mountain Road with flooding, rock and debris slides reported.

(Oil City staff)

“We’re still working on stabilizing the slide on WYO 251 (Mountain Road),” WYDOT said. “Work should resume Tuesday, September 28.”

WYDOT shared a photo showing that a slide area “extends far down the side of the hill from the road, nearly to the Bridle Trail.”


The Natrona County Parks Department has closed the Bridle Trail until the WYDOT work is complete. WYDOT said that it hopes the work will be complete in a week.

“However, that is no guarantee,” WYDOT said. “It will depend on whether there is further erosion or other issues that will slow or otherwise complicate this job. In the meantime, please don’t use the trail or be in the area underneath where we’re working. This is a very steep slope and anything that moves or falls has the potential to be deadly.”

Flash flooding on Casper Mountain 7/30/2021 (Courtesy Kamil Leman)