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Pumpkin fun and fall craft fair at the Pumpkin Fest


CASPER, Wyo. — The 307 Vendor Co-Op is hosting their second annual Pumpkin Fest October 9 at Antelope Park in Bar Nunn.

The event will take place Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It will be a craft fair, vendor market, and event day supporting Mimi’s House. Mimi’s House is a nonprofit that helps provide a home for homeless children from the ages of sixteen to nineteen.

The event coordinators are estimating that there will be 25-30 vendors, if not more, at Antelope Park. The food trucks Smokin Hot Butts BBQ and Ludivico Pizza and Pasta will be available at the event.

The children’s pumpkin events that are planned for the day are free. You can carve pumpkins, paint them, and even bowl with pumpkins. Please register for the event so that they can ensure that they have the right number of pumpkins available. There will also be donation boxes set up at the pumpkin stations.

Last year, they had 250 to 300 people show up, and this year they are estimating 500 to 700 people, meaning that there is going to be a crazy amount of pumpkins.

One of the event coordinators, Joshua Bliss, said that they have great turnout for the event “because it is the last chance to get out before winter hits.” Bliss is the person in charge of the the activities for the event and is excited to see how people will interact with all of the pumpkins.