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Sen. Scott to talk importance of Wyoming redistricting at Natrona County Library

Sen. Charles Scott, R-Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER. Wyo. — Wyoming state Sen. Charles Scott (Natrona County) will be offering a presentation in regard to the redistricting process in the state at noon Friday, January 28 at the Natrona County Library.

Redistricting is one of the tasks that the Wyoming Legislature will tackle during its upcoming budget session. The legislature is set to convene on February 14.

Information regarding the redistricting process is available from the Wyoming Legislature’s website. Proposed redistricting plans are available here.

Scott’s presentation on redistricting will discuss how redistricting law has evolved over the years. The senator will talk about current statutory requirements for redistricting and some of the challenges involved in the process.

“Every member of the U.S. House of Representatives, most of our state legislators, and many of our local legislators in towns and counties are elected from districts,” the library said in an announcement of Scott’s presentation. “These districts divide our state and the people who live here into geographical territories.”

“The Supreme Court requires that there be a roughly equal population for each legislative district, which means that district boundaries have to be periodically readjusted to account for new population information. Armed with an updated understanding of who all lives in Wyoming thanks to the 2020 Census, district boundaries now have to be redrawn to guarantee equal representation.”

The main principle guiding the redistricting process is “one person, one vote” and the goal is to ensure that voters have equal say in elections.

“If you’re curious about how redistricting will affect our state, our county, and even you as a voter, then join us at the library,” the announcement states.

Scott has represented Wyoming’s District 30 as a senator since 1983. He was a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives from 1979 to 1982.

Scott’s presentation is being hosted by the Casper League of Women Voters and Natrona County Library and is free and open to the public.

“Call 577-7323 or visit our website, natronacountylibrary.org, for more information,” the library said.