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Star Yak Ranch offers samples at Grant Street Grocery event

Social media star and cosmetics mogul Jeffree Star takes a selfie with a fan amidst the busy event at Grant Street Grocery. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Star Yak Ranch, a private yak ranch owned by entrepreneur and social media celebrity Jeffree Star, hosted an event at Grant Street Grocery Store and Market on Friday.

Attendees line up to try samples of Star Yak Ranch’s yak meat. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Casperites could come to try different yak meat recipes, and Star was present to greet fans from 4 to 6 p.m. The ranch’s other owner, Michael, was also there to answer questions about the ranch.

Available for sampling were yak tenderloin Wellington with apricot & rosemary, yak ribeye with rosemary & garlic oil marinade and ground yak Italian-style meatballs. The ranch offers many different cuts of yak meat for purchase, as well as jerky and soup bones.

Yak ribeye steak with rosemary and garlic oil marinade. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Star Yak ranch has regular pop-up sales at their warehouse, where one can purchase meat to cook themselves. The pop-ups are announced using social media, like their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Star poses for a picture with a fan. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Attendees try samples of the yak ribeye steak. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Star signs a paper while conversing with fans at the event. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
The sampling table at Star Yak Ranch’s event. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)