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Meet the dancers and judges of the 12th Annual Dancing with the Stars of Casper

Blast into the past by attending the 12th Annual Dancing with the Stars of Casper – Through the Decades benefiting Mercer Family Resource Center on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022, at 6 p.m. at the Ford Wyoming Center. The evening includes a plated meal, a friendly dance competition featuring community leaders, and spirited bidding on a variety of silent and live auction packages. This year our “Stars of Casper” will perform professionally choreographed routines with a Through the Decades theme, hoping to win votes for the People’s Choice Award! Enjoy cruising back through time and be sure to vote for your favorite dance moves at https://one.bidpal.net/dancing2022.

Introducing the Dancers:

Dance Couple #1: Ashley Vondra with New York Life and Aaron Walters with Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio. Ashley said, “I think there is probably a song from every decade that would make me want to break out in dance. You will have to wait and see which decade gets me twisting for this competition.” She was inspired to dance for Mercer FRC because “I am a huge believer in giving back to my community, and what a fun way to help raise awareness to all of the great work that Mercer FRC does in Natrona County.” Aaron wants your People’s Choice vote because “we are going to bring something amazing to the stage and it will be the best number of the night.”

Dance Couple #2: Kim DeVore with Jonah Bank of Wyoming and Fred DeVore with Peterbilt of Wyoming; also gracing the stage Jodi Youmans-Jones with Casper College Department of Theater and Dance. Kim and Fred told Mercer FRC they last danced “Friday in the kitchen watching Imagine Dragons or the other 20 concerts we have recorded. … Now, if you were to ask when did we last dance…WELL, never, we aren’t good dancers.” Kim said her personality trait for success “is my ability to surround myself with fun, incredible, and hardworking people. It’s amazing how you raise the bar for yourself and rise to the occasion if you are surrounded by rock stars.” Fred’s trait for success is that he has never met a stranger. He can (and will) talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And he is honest: “Honest as the day is long. Together our trait of success is our sense of humor. We don’t take much serious and we spend our days laughing together and at each other.” Jodi wants your vote for People’s Choice because of their “guaranteed high energy and enthusiasm!”

Dance Couple #3: Nat Steinhoff with Lisa Burridge and Associates and Cassaundra Spargur with Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio. Nat is ready to go back in time at DWTS because “Mercer FRC is a great community organization, Cori is very convincing and I try to do at least one thing a year that scares me, and this fits the bill.” Nat confessed that “as a child of the ’90s, I have a guilty indulgence for rap/R&B.” Cassaundra told Mercer FRC that you should vote for her and her partner because “there are so many great performers that are part of this year’s show. At the end of the day this is a fundraiser. I would like to be on the team that brings in the most money for this amazing organization. Dancing with the Stars started as a televised dance competition where celebrities and professional dancers compete mainly in Ballroom and Latin dance. To my knowledge I’m the only professional Ballroom dancer on this year’s lineup, which makes me and my partner the obvious choice ;).”

Dance Couple #4: Kyle Gamroth with Computer Professionals Unlimited IIT and Aliscia Meyer with Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio. Kyle shared, “I have been a longtime fan of the organization and the services/programs they provide. I am more than happy to donate my time and effort to help support their important cause. I also like to make people laugh, and think I can bring an energy/attitude to the event that it has not had before.” Kyle told Mercer FRC, “I do not discriminate when it comes to getting down. The ’80s and ’90s were a great time for grooves, but there are classic pop, hip-hop, and other hits throughout the decades that I can jam to as well.” Aliscia wants your vote because “this is such an amazing opportunity to be part of! I think the vote for the People’s Choice would take it to the next level while supporting an amazing community organization!”

Dance Couple #5: Sara Vrbas with Lifetime Health and Fitness and Yogis-Kids Yoga and Mike Boulter with North Platte Physical Therapy. To be choreographed by former dance instructor Craig Mitchell with Mercer Family Resource Center. Sara told Mercer FRC, “There has never been a more worthy cause. While working toward my counseling degree back in 2010, I completed some graduate practicum hours at Mercer FRC and witnessed firsthand the impact it has on families in our community. It is a tremendous resource. Plus, after attending this fundraiser since its inaugural year, I’ve been practicing in the shadows ever since.” Sara said, “According to Spotify, my favorite genres are golden hour grooves and pre-teen pop, though my children and yoga instruction have monopolized most of my playlist recommendations. In reality, I’ll move to anything that drops the beat. My early listening years were heavily influenced by my dad’s Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ album, but count me in for all the ’70s funk, ’80s new wave, ’90s hip-hop, and current dance floor anthems.” Mike wants your vote for People’s Choice because “Umm. Do you know who my partner is?? A simple promise. You won’t be disappointed!” 

Dance Couple #6: Malik Hegge with King Enterprises and Katrina Lorenzen with Meals on Wheels Foundation and Kelly Walsh Assistant Cheer Coach. Choreographed by Clare Taylor-Ingram with Shinin’ Mountain Sewin’ LLC. Malik will be taking center stage at DWTS because “I have to; I was bought.” It’s true: Malik was “sold” at auction last year to be a dancer at this year’s DWTS event! Malik will bust a move to “good music of any time.” Katrina wants your vote for People’s Choice because “Malik is a pretty cool guy in case you didn’t hear, and we are going to bring the fun, energy and surprises!”

Stay tuned for a sneak peek on our Opening and Finale as they will take us on a journey back through time.

Introducing the Judges:

Anna Wilcox – Wyoming Nonprofit Network shared, “I was really looking for an opportunity to get paid to judge people…oh wait…this isn’t a paid gig? LOL! Seriously though, I’m still just really good at judging people. Ok for real! Unfortunately, I personally experienced the negative impacts of substance abuse in my formative years…in that time and in my area, programs and services like those provided by Mercer FRC either did not exist or we were not aware, our family as a unit suffered and several individuals went on to live similar lifestyles and create similar situations within their families. I’ve attended this event and supported Mercer FRC since moving to Casper knowing that it supports opportunities for families like mine to stop the cycle of abuse or offers positive opportunities for individuals and families who are living in those cycles.” Anna says that she is a “’90s girl, but not ’90s pop, ew! 100% ’90s grunge, alternative, punk and hip-hop.”

Diane McGinley – The McGinley Clinic was inspired to join our judges panel because “besides knowing the awesome reputation for this being a fun and entertaining event, I was inspired to volunteer because of the Mercer House’s efforts to support families and children through education and prevention services. The Mercer House makes such a positive impact on our community and I am so glad to lend my support!” Diane told Mercer FRC, “I love to bust a move to music from the ’90s. Who doesn’t like to sing along to Boys II Men, TLC, Indigo Girls, Bare Naked Ladies, Tracy Chapman and Madonna?!?”

Norman Jackson – Jackson’s Wicked Wrench Garage and Hot Rod Hooligans Car Club was inspired to join the judges panel “because my wife loves to dance more than anything; I don’t. So this way we can attend Dancing with the Stars together and I can participate without having to be on stage.” Norman likes to bust a move to “’80s Rock.”

Frank Chapman – Frank Chapman Law was inspired to judge for DWTS after “attending and seeing the fun people were having after months of hard work at the competition the last couple of years. My friend Sloan Dickey invited me and has done a wonderful job as the master of ceremonies.” Frank shared, “I don’t have a decade or favorite genre of music. My formative years were in the ’60s so I love that music. I also like John Baptiste, and everything in between. I guess if you were to pin me down, my favorite genre is Trucking or cowboy rap aka crap.”

Elizabeth Norcross – Lifetime Health and Fitness Center was inspired to be a judge for Mercer FRC because “I’ve been involved with Mercer FRC and Dancing with the Stars for several years. Mercer FRC is a wonderful organization that is worthy of our time and money. I’m excited to be on the judging panel this year to see the performances from a new angle.” Liz told Mercer FRC, “Wow, I love so many decades of music, but for some reason I am drawn to ’70s disco. There is so much to love in hair and costuming, and the dance moves are so energetic.”

To purchase your tickets or find out more about Mercer Family Resource Center’s cause, please visit www.Mercercasper.com.

Mercer FRC Family Resource Center provides education, counseling, and prevention services that build stronger and healthier youth and families in our community. In our vision to build a unified community with strong families and healthy youth, the nonprofit agency provides family and parenting education, adult and youth intervention, and community connections that are proactive, impactful, and accessible to anyone in the community!

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