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New online tool to help expunge criminal charges for Wyoming residents


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — There is a new tool available to help expunge criminal charges, and it is set to help the state of Wyoming for the better.

Alex Freeburg of Freeburg Law LLC has launched a tool that will help Wyoming residents expunge charges that could make it difficult to gain employment or housing, among other things.

“Say you got a 22-year-old snowboarder from Colorado who loves marijuana and brings it across the border into Teton County, and they get a pot charge. And that happens eight or nine years ago,” Freeburg said. “That person right now has a drug charge conviction on their record. So what can you do about it?”

The solution to problems like that is to expunge the charge, which means a judge essentially erases it such that it no longer shows up in court records. That also provides the charged with an opportunity to say they have no prior criminal history since the charge no longer exists.

“It’s about giving folks a second chance,” Freeburg said.

The tool Freeburg created has been offered to help make the process of getting an expungement easier. The typical process is to find a lawyer and spend more money to remove the charge. The tool only asks for a $100 filing fee and is otherwise free and easy to use.

To learn more about how to expunge criminal charges and what documentation is needed, visit this site. This link also leads to the online tool that will guide you through the process to remove a charge.