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Signage project, improvements to Ford Wyoming Center top Visit Casper’s priority list

A project to add signage throughout Casper and Casper Mountain and proposed upgrades to the Ford Wyoming Center are two priorities for Visit Casper as the board looks to the future.

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CASPER, Wyo. — In December, Tyler Daugherty officially took the helm as the newest CEO of Visit Casper. Now that he’s had two months leading the board that oversees tourism and growth in the city, he’s identified several priorities moving forward.

Among the projects that Daugherty said are taking top priority are a wayfinding project, which involves putting new signage throughout the city and on Casper Mountain, and enhancements to the Ford Wyoming Center that Daugherty hopes will allow the facility to attract even more events.

“The wayfinding project has probably been in the works for the last five or six years, so we’re excited to begin really moving forward with that,” he said, “and we hope improvements to the Ford Wyoming Center will really enhance the experience for our guests and help them bring in even more events throughout the year.”

With the wayfinding project, Daugherty said the goal is to use signage to help visitors find important locations throughout the city, but in particular it will put an emphasis on Casper Mountain.

“We have in mind that any Casper Mountain signage will be priority so visitors can get up the mountain and navigate it safely and correctly,” he said.

Commissioner David North said the process of adding signs throughout roads on Casper Mountain should be held off until plans to improve roads are completed.

“Repairs to those roads are slated to be done in 2024, and the majority of these signs are going to be on Casper Mountain Road,” North said. “It doesn’t make much sense to put them in, turn around and take them out and then put them back in again; or to take a chance when they could get damaged or smashed during the road work.”

Daugherty agreed with North’s assessment.

“Obviously I’d like to do this as soon as possible, but I agree it doesn’t make any sense to put them in and then immediately de-install them,” he said.

With the plans to improve the Ford Wyoming Center, Daugherty said he wants to upgrade the center’s locker rooms.

“We’d like to give it a fresh look in terms of carpet and paint,” he said. “I want to look into redesigning the showers. The way they are now, they’re the circular design and event planners don’t like that; so can we get them individual stalls and update some of the lockers? That sort of stuff is important for event planners.”

These various projects will be funded in part by a $600,000 grant Visit Casper received, and Daugherty said the group is now beginning to take the next steps toward putting plans into action, including putting projects out to bid and finalizing budgeting for the projects.

In addition to the projects that Visit Casper is working toward, Daugherty added that it is looking to fill two roles: a director of marketing and communications, and a position that would work in analytics and social media. He said the group hopes to have one hired in March and the other hired shortly thereafter.

In all, Daugherty said, he’s excited for what’s in store for both his board and the City of Casper at large.

“We work for a fun industry, and I’m having a blast because I’m getting a chance to promote this great city and community,” he said.