Beef cattle in field.
H/t Wyoming Stock Growers Association.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — While veganism is rising in some parts of the U.S., Wyoming is the state whose residents are the least likely to go vegan, according to a new report from’s data research team analyzed the following index points on Feb. 21 to judge which states’ residents were most likely to switch to an herbivore diet, the media company announced in a news release today. The “Overall Vegan Score” was an average of the four data points, which were measured out of 100.

  • Google Trend search volume, by measuring the five most popular vegan search terms across all U.S. states in the past year.
  • Dollar savings made per pound by switching from meat (beef and chicken) to a vegan alternative (tofu), using Walmart and Numbeo (in the largest city of each state).
  • Vegan restaurants per million residents, using Happy Cow and World Population Review.
  • Vegan Meetup groups per million residents, using Meetup and World Population Review.

Wyoming had low scores in Google search interest (14.8) and meat vs. vegan savings (12.2) as well as one of the lowest in vegan meetups per capita (0.0), which gave it an overall vegan score of 16.4 out of 100.

Arkansas and West Virginia had residents who were the second- and third-least likely to go vegan.

Hawaii, Oregon and California were the states where residents were most likely to go vegan. is the flagship brand for Nasdaq-listed Group, which provides digital marketing services for the global, regulated online gambling industry.