CASPER, Wyo. — The City of Casper is reporting an outage of Casper 311, the online and mobile tool that lets citizens report potholes and other traffic hazards. 

“The issue is with our provider, and we have not been given a time that service will be restored,” said Jolene Martinez, assistant to the city manager, in the release on Wednesday.

Released two years ago in the midst of a historic snowstorm, the service lets users report street light outages, damaged or missing street signs, potholes and snow removal requests. It also curates municipal job postings, meeting agendas and bill-paying portals for users.

“The app is usually available twenty-four hours a day and not subject to phone line availability,” continued Martinez. “We appreciate citizens reporting needed repairs and services. They play a large role in helping keep our city in working order.”

The timing of the outage is not ideal, Martinez agreed, given that the city is preparing for its annual undertaking to repair the inevitable potholes created by a long winter of snow removal.

The 311 app is an efficient way for users to report the location and severity of potholes.

Martinez told Oil City News on Wednesday that the city has been hard at work filling potholes with cold-fill asphalt, which is only a temporary patch that tends to disintegrate with traffic and repeated snowstorms.

Plants won’t be producing the more permanent “hot mix” asphalt for another few weeks, depending on the weather, Martinez said.