District Attorney Dan Itzen leaves the Townsend Justice Center on the afternoon of 5/5/23 (Gregory Hirst, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The following are selected arraignments, judgments and sentences rendered recently in the Seventh Judicial District of Wyoming in Natrona County.  

This is not a comprehensive log and may be updated with filings provided by the Clerk of District Court. Filings from the clerk do not include sentence recommendations or other details included from hearings attended by Oil City News.

The court is not bound at sentencing by negotiated dispositions and plea agreements between the state and defense counsel. “Binding” plea agreements mean the defendant may withdraw a guilty plea if the court opts for stronger sentence than recommended. “Non-binding” plea agreements mean the defendant cannot withdraw their plea.

Many agreements come with a cold plea provision, meaning if the defendant violates any bond condition, the state is free to argue for any sentence applicable under statute.


  • Michael Robert Harvey – Aggravated eluding, DUI, possession of a controlled substance: third or subsequent: marijuana
    • 2.5 to five years prison
    • Three years supervised probation
  • Collissi Deangelo Woody – Escape from felony detention
    • 18–24 months prison
  • Carl Clifford Downing, Jr. – Sexual abuse of a minor x2
    • 5–10 years prison
  • Danny Edward Bouissey – DUI: fourth or subsequent in 10 years
  • Phillip Lloyd Ross — Failed to appear for sentencing (failure to register as sex offender)
    • Bench warrant issued
  • Ian Gibson – Conspiracy to commit property destruction
    • Sentence deferred under first-time offender statute
    • $4,505.58 restitution to be paid with co-defendants

Arraignment – Not Guilty Plea:

  • Gage Ryan Hardwick – Aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and battery, DUI, petty theft, property destruction
    • Bond continued (defendant in custody)
  • Eric Eberhardt – DUI: fourth or subsequent in 10 years
    • Out on bond
  • Jonathan Marshall O’Donnell – Sexual abuse of a minor in the first degree x2, immodest/immoral/indecent liberties with a minor: third degree x2
  • Dakota Cheyenne Jenkins – Escape from felony detention
  • Albert Gaines – Possession of a controlled substance: felony weight x2 (meth, fentanyl), possession of a controlled substance: third or subsequent x2 (marijuana, MDMA)
  • Aftin Trae Matthews – Possession of a controlled substance: third or subsequent: methamphetamine
  • Derek Clum Yochum – Child endangerment with fentanyl, possession of fentanyl
  • Albert Gaines – Possession of meth/fentanyl: felony weight
  • Jashawn Michael Lee Crowley – Possession of a controlled substance: third or subsequent

 Guilty Plea: Arraignments and Changes-of-Plea

  • David Lestat Armond Gray – Failure to register as sex offender
  • Anthony Michael Brasiel – Possession of meth: felony weight
    • Agreement: Deferred sentence under first-time offender statute
    • Three years supervised probation