Photo Courtesy Backwards Distilling Company

MILLS, Wyo. — City of Mills councilors approved 10 liquor license renewals on Tuesday and also addressed old fire department equipment, emergency fire chief powers and county-wide consistency in animal code.

After no one spoke in favor or against any of the liquor license applicants during an Aug. 22 public hearing at City Hall, 704 4th St., the Mills City Council approved renewing liquor licenses for:

  • Bayou Liquors, 301 Platte Ave.
  • Wyoming Downs, 4100 W. Yellowstone Highway
  • Uncorked Fine Wine and Spirits, 5700 Poison Spider Road
  • D’s Oregon Trail Bar, 4618 W. Yellowstone Highway
  • The Hideaway Bar, 211 Riverview
  • Homax Oil Sales, 5076 W. Yellowstone
  • Mountain View Discount Liquors, 4817 W. Highway St.
  • Maverik, 4651 W. Yellowstone Highway
  • Diesels Bar and Grill, 525 S.W. Wyoming Boulevard
  • Backwards Distilling Co., 158 Progress Circle

Also on Aug. 22, the Mills City Council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing a memorandum of understanding with the Town of Bar Nunn for use of a reserve brush truck.

The two fire departments assist each other as needed.

Mills has a brush truck not in use due to mechanical problems while Bar Nunn has enough brush trucks for its needs and can therefore provide a reserve brush truck to the City of Mills on a temporary basis, the resolution states.

Mills Fire Chief Wil Gay said at an Aug. 22 work session, the City of Mills will pay Bar Nunn only if the truck is taken to a fire. Reimbursement is based on the federal fire rate of $100 per hour. There is a $200 minimum charge.

Two ordinance amendments advanced on the second of three readings on Aug. 22.

The Mills City Council voted 5-0 to approve an ordinance granting the fire chief powers to place fire restrictions and bans under emergency conditions without council approval.

Another ordinance amends fees for the voluntary release of animal ownership to the city.

According to the proposed ordinance, municipalities in Natrona County want more consistent animal code provisions, and the current $150 per animal fee at Mills is inconsistent with the City of Casper. The ordinance, as proposed, says a person voluntarily releasing ownership of an animal to the city will pay a fee set by council resolution, with an initial fee of $60 per animal.

The chief animal control officer may waive the release fee.