Wyoming State Capitol (Lisa Hushbeck/Cap City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Gov. Mark Gordon wants more public input on a proposed electric rate increase from Rocky Mountain Power.

The Wyoming Public Service Commission is reviewing the proposed rate increase that would impact thousands of Wyoming people and businesses, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

Rocky Mountain Power is the largest utility in Wyoming, and it’s seeking a combined 29% rate increase. Due to the significance of the proposed rate increase, Gordon asked about additional public hearings, and the Public Service Commission has assured him it plans to hold additional hearings for public comment over the coming weeks.

The commission has a public hearing scheduled in Casper on Aug. 24 at the Thyra Thomson State Office Building, 444 W. Collins Drive, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. It plans to schedule public comment hearings in Laramie and Fremont counties in the near future.

The PSC held a public comment hearing in Rock Springs in July.

There will also be an opportunity for additional public comment during the final rate hearing that begins on Oct. 25. Gordon encourages the public concerned about the potential rate increase to submit their comments to the commission.

“This proposal is notable for the people of Wyoming, and I support the effort to make sure there is as much public engagement as possible ahead of any decision. I applaud the PSC for adding even more public meetings to its schedule in impacted communities,” Gordon said.

The commission is an independent agency and is not under the control of the governor’s office. However, Gordon is confident the commission will conduct its due diligence and will make a determination in accordance with its statutory duty, which requires that increased costs to Rocky Mountain Power be balanced with the best interests of its Wyoming consumers, the news release said.

The Public Service Commission will make a determination by the end of the year.