A skater at the north Casper skate park on Saturday, August 5.(Gregory Hirst, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The 307 Skate of the Art Skate Competition, originally set to take place Aug. 26, has been canceled due to concerns regarding recent repair work at the 307 Skate Park & Youth Center.

In a press release by 307 Skate Park & Youth Center Executive Director Copper Mack, the event was intended to elevate the skatepark as a foundation of the community for Casper, and that’s why its cancellation is difficult.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to the revitalization of the skate park and the enrichment of our community, we were enthusiastic about the role the skate competition was set to play,” Mack said in the release. “This event was poised to be a cornerstone of unity, cultural exchange, and economic growth.”

The skatepark secured $25,000 in funding from the Rotary Club of Casper meant to be used for much-needed repairs in March this year, but those repairs have raised concerns over the safety of the park. This appears to be the main reason the event was canceled.

“Reports of injuries sustained by several young skaters due to substandard repairs and uneven surfaces have deeply unsettled us,” Mack said in the release. “The very material intended to enhance the park has become a cause for concern and does not reflect the substantial funding we were able to secure.”

Mack also expressed disappointment regarding the fact that the event had already come a long way in securing local vendors, food trucks, and sponsors and had a full itinerary of fun and engaging events before the cancellation. Live musical performances, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a helmet drive were among the events Mack said they were frustrated to have canceled.

The event, which was meant in part to celebrate the new repairs, is now canceled due to them.

“The safety and well-being of participants, attendees, and the broader community are non-negotiable priorities,” Mack said.

Additionally, Mack called for all parties involved in the cancellation to assume their due responsibility for the lackluster quality of the repairs. They said they believe in the “transformative potential of collaborative endeavors,” that it takes work to secure the full community-building potential of a place like a skate park, and that they hope necessary action is taken.

For questions regarding the 307 Skate of the Art Skate Competition or the 307 Skate Park & Youth Center, contact Copper Mack at 307skatepark@gmail.com.