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NCSD Reminds of Inclement Weather Protocol

File, Oil City

Natrona County School District #1 sent out a press release, reminding of policy and Policy when it comes to school closures during weather events or disasters. The release is a reiteration of information that had been published, in its current incarnation, on the NCSD website in late November of 2015.

“Schools will be closed for inclement weather or natural disasters only when the community itself is unable to operate safely,” says the press release sent Wednesday morning. “Primary factors considered are adverse weather conditions and safe transportation of students and staff.”

The release goes on to explain the dissemination of information from the district to parents and students once a decision is made.

NCSD officials say that, in the event of a closure, communications to parents and guardians would be sent out via text and phone call by about 5:30 am via automated system.  Communications are sent out via email no later than approximately 5:30 am, to media partners to assist in sending the message to the community. Updates will also be posted on NCSD social media.

The protocol does underline that the “primary responsibility in protecting a child’s health and school attendance always resides with the parent or guardian.”