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Utah man latest reported vape-related death


A Utah man in Salt Lake County has died from a vaping-related injury, according to a release from the Utah Department of Health.

The department says the 30-year-old man “died at home without being hospitalized” after reportedly using THC products.

The UDOH Office of the Medical Examiner determined the cause of death, according to the release.

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The release says 76 cases of vaping-related lung injuries and another 14 possible cases have been reported in Utah. Ninety percent required hospitalization and many were treated in intensive care units. Ninety-four percent of the Utah cases were related to THC products, said the release.

The news comes one day after the Governor of Montana issued a temporary ban on all flavored e-cigarette sales, as well as the announcement that Walgreens would follow Walmart’s lead and no longer sell vape products.