Obituary: Christy “Chris” Alanna Ciocarlan Eulberg

Christy “Chris” Alanna Ciocarlan Eulberg

Christy “Chris” Alanna Ciocarlan Eulberg, 42, passed away on January 16, 2019 at home in Bar Nunn, Wyoming. She was born in Cody, Wyoming on October 5, 1976 to Bruce and Debra Ciocarlan.

Chris Alanna Eulberg graced the earth with her spunky attitude; witty sense of humor, her charm, and a way to make everyone around her welcome, happy, and cheerful! She dressed classy; country or like a rock star. Because most would agree, she was a star to the people who knew her best!

Growing up, she was a tomboy who loved the outdoors, climbing trees and going on family hunting, fishing and camping trips with her grandpa, mother, dad, brother and sister to Middle Fork. She loved helping her dad work on his trucks, and loved riding in his Chevelle, while jamming out to the loud rock-n-roll that he played, even when mother disagreed with the choice of songs. Her family moved to Glendale, California for a few years, where she used her toughness, and charismatic personality to fit in with a tough crowd. She though it was cool to attend that same High school that Alice Cooper attended. She made some good friends in her church, and lifelong friend, Timbrel while there. She returned to Casper, and graduated from Kelly Walsh High School in 1995.

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Her oldest daughter Trystin, says that her mother was “Boss-ass Cook”, and that she loved the ocean, she loved walking on the beach barefoot, after all, she named her second of two daughters Coral. She also loved walking on the sand barefoot at Alcova and Pathfinder, watching the sunset there and having a big campfire! Coral says that she loved music, and that it was one of her most favorite things! She loved music of all kinds, 80s, rock, hip hop, and country, especially Johnny Cash. She loved dancing to all kinds of music at the Beacon, and at home. She tried unsuccessfully to teach husband, Timothy, to swing dance on more than one occasion. She loved movies and reading Diana Gabaldon novels.

But most of all Chris loved her two daughters; mother, Debra; father, Bruce; sister, Barbara; and brother, Jon, whom she adored since he was born. She developed a close relationship with her cousins Sheri and Dutch, and later with her brother’s wife, Kayla. She always loved family passionately. In the fall of 2006, Chris met Timothy Eulberg; they married in 2008. Timothy says he became part of a “family of the most wonderful, charismatic, considerate and loving woman that I have ever known,” for the last 12 years. Chris always loved and cared for her family in the most heartfelt way possible. And many times, felt deep sorrow and regret for not being able to do more for her daughters,

There is no way to put into words the love Chris’s family feels, for the sorrow and the loss of one God’s greatest creations, ever. Life is horribly unfair Chris, but we pray that you have found the eternal peace with God that you justly deserve.

Chris is survived by her husband, Timothy Eulberg; daughters, Trystin Drumright of Texas, Coral Hallcroft of Casper, Wyoming; father, Bruce (Dawn) Ciocarlan of Evansville, Wyoming; mother, Debra Ciocarlan of Casper, Wyoming; sister, Barbara Winer of Casper, Wyoming, brother, Jon (Kayla) Ciocarlan of Jackson, Montana, and many nieces and nephews.

A memorial service is scheduled for Monday, January 21, 2019 at 5:00 PM at the Casper Elks Lodge, 108 E 7th Street, Casper, Wyoming, 82601.