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Obituaries: Hill, Zyguris, Warne

Seth Andrew Hill

CASPER, Wyo. –

Seth Andrew Hill: December 7, 2000 – May 22, 2020

On May 22, 2020, our final song, my last request and my perfect chapter was laid to rest. Even though I have passed, I know the memories of me will live on till the end of time. Seth Andrew Hill was a sweet, funny and loving soul towards his family and everyone he came in contact with including animals. He always loved to make everyone laugh and feel loved, whether if it was him cracking a joke and making funny gestures or just giving the best hugs to comfort your soul when needed. Seth always wanted to make a difference in this world, he did by how many hearts he filed with love for him by being the awesome man he was becoming.

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Seth’s memories will live on by his mother Nikki Brown; stepfather, James Snelling; and Father, Donald Hill; two brothers, Shawn Hill and Steven Hill. Seth will also live on through his grandparents, Joni & Dave Brown of Cheyenne, and Don & Nancy Hill of Michigan; several aunts; one uncle, and his first love Nikki Wolfe.

Please do not send flowers but make a donation to the Humane Society of Casper in his honor. Memorial services will be held at a later date.

Ioannis A. Zyguris: 1939 – 2020

This is lengthy but I figured now was time we should shed a little positive light on Ioannis Zyguris. Sometimes the trail/pathway he leaves behind can be just as differing as the actual trails and pathways themselves.

Ioannis’ journey has been an interesting one. I have spent the last few years working with Ioannis in good times and in interesting times. There was always something to be learned or gleaned from visiting with Ioannis. I have been fortunate enough to watch him make use of his surroundings, as he found the things he needed in life. In his good times and his bad times I have been able to make this journey with him.

A little bit about Ioannis. He has a cat at his home, named Boy. Boy, is Ioannis’ family. They had conversations together and once I even bought them each a burger, per Ioannis’ request of course. One time Boy’s fur was matted and I made a comment, “Boy’s fur has knots in it”. The next time I arrived Boy was missing lots of fur. Ioannis, had cut out the little balls of fur and Boy, now appeared ‘different’. Shall I say….his back hips, belly and legs, appeared as that of a plucked chicken. J

One of my other colleagues, Deb, had also been support for Ioannis, as he guided us along his trails/pathways. Sometimes we would go together to the home of Ioannis and Boy, wondering what each visit would tell us. The home was meticulously clean and Boy always cared for per Ioannis way. Ioannis would always state, “You know I’m a proud man”!

Deb took an adventure with Ioannis to go fishing once. The timing was crucial because you never known when those important requests should be honored. She gave him time to fish and take in a special moment at one of his favorite places.

Another favorite place of Ioannis’ was a place to dance. He told me how he loved to dance and mentioned when he was cured of his cancer he would take me dancing at the Beacon. He said, “no drinky drinky just good dancing”.

Ioannis liked to listen to the Greek channel on his television. He would listen to Greek music and smile as if his heart was filled with light. I never knew what they were singing about but I still enjoyed the sounds of music coming from his television.

And we cannot forget Baklava! Oh my Baklava! Ioannis would bring us trays of the goodies, dripping with sticky sweetness. Tinfoil wrapped surprises with specialty Greek goodness inside. Once, a bottle of wine was paired with the goodies. As time went on the homemade treats became fewer and farther between.

Ioannis, use to make this special Greek sauce. He told us all about ‘it’ and went on about how special it was. The sauce tasted good to me, and sure enough we received batches of it on a fairly regular basis. One day while Deb and I were in his home helping to get him convinced the time had come to journey from his home, and on to hospice, we learned something. Keep in mind if something wasn’t Ioannis’ idea….it wasn’t happening. He finally decided we could take him to, “just look at it”. Meaning the Central Wyoming Hospice respite room. Deb and I were thinking wahoo a room for Ioannis. It just so happened the room number was room #7. Possibly a lucky number for Ioannis because, he liked to play some slots now and then and gamble a bit. Oh, yes….that’s a STORY for some other time.

Anyway I digressed. Before Deb and I could head over to hospice to show our ‘challenging’ patient his future room, he insisted to do something for us. He grabbed his cane and walked to his kitchen, all the while wandering with a wide staggered gait, tipping and toppling to and fro. He had his back turned and was diligently working on something on the counter. He turned and offered me a Tupperware with a lid on top. He pointed and said, “Some tzatziki sauce”, he smiled proudly. Now this was his prized dipping/sauce….stuff we had received time and time again. Along with his homemade Baklava (yes it was homemade). I thanked Ioannis, and Deb and I proceeded to get his coat on him and prep him for his travel to the, “just look at it” room at hospice. As we were leaving to my chagrin, in the kitchen sink was a round plastic container with a label saying tzatziki sauce. Big bold letters with a company logo which appeared to be freshly emptied and then placed in the sink with a few dirty dishes. The special sauce was from a special tub, and from the grocery store. I motioned to Deb, pointed at the empty container and said, “Look”! We smiled and giggled together.

So here we are now today. Ioannis, has passed on to his next adventure! Sincere thanks and appreciation to those who have ventured along with Ioannis’ on some of his trails & pathways.

Oh and one last thing. I Googled, “define the difference between a trail and a pathway”. A path would be a natural path caused by humans and/or animals walking along it. It would be narrow and completely unsuitable for horses or vehicles of any sort. A trail can be a well-established path, sometimes repaired or improved by workers. I think Ioannis wrote it.

~Shared by Kim Hershman, RN

Burton Romain Warne

Burton Romain Warne: March 27, 1941 ~ May 29, 2020 (age 79)

Burton Romain Warne, 79, died suddenly May 29, 2020, at home in Casper, Wyoming.

He was born March 27, 1941, in Britton, South Dakota to Robert Warne and Bertha Skagen.  He graduated Casper’s Natrona County High School in 1959. He married Judith Stocking on September 6, 1963. He had 2 boys Chance Warne and Trey Warne.

Most of his career was sales, a perfect career for a man that everybody loved upon meeting.  People often refer to his sense of humor. His family was more important to him than anything and he loved spending time with them.  

His interests included family, Music, history, metal detecting, making knives, and spending time at his home on the Platte River. He was a talented song writer, singer and guitar player. Being a full-blooded Norwegian, he was a modern-day Viking.

Mr. Warne is survived by his Wife; Judith Stocking and, 2 sons; Trey Warne and Chance Warne; 2 granddaughters, Kayla Warne and Kristina Warne; and several great grandchildren.

Arrangements are entrusted to the care of Bustard & Jacoby Funeral Home, 600 CY Avenue, Casper, Wyoming 82601.