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Obituaries: Goodman; St Gelais; Chivers; Mason

Donald Louis Goodman

Donald Louis Goodman: September 18, 1959 – November 1, 2022

This is Don Goodman’s Obituary in his own words…

Donald Louis Goodman (Karsky)

September 18, 1959 – November 1, 2022


Well Damn. I gave specific instructions to my sons, sooooo if you are actually reading this document it means I’m dead. No.. I did NOT die from COVID, however 40 years of smoking cigarettes didn’t do me any favors. The old heart and lungs finally gave out.

You all knew I would HAVE to write my own obituary because hell, nobody could tell the story quite like me.

So I was born in Casper, Wyoming as Donald Louis Karsky and was raised by my Grandma and Grandpa Kraen as my mom who was 19 when she had me had sadly gotten divorced from my dad before I was born. So I would see my mom once in awhile as she attended University of Wyoming to earn her Nurses Degree. She started dating Joe Goodman when I was about 3 and they got married when I was 4 years old. It was kind of strange because when they got married we moved into our own home and it was NOT with Grandma and Grandpa. Big transition for me.

Joe adopted me at 5 years old and I changed my name to Goodman. Eventually we moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1966, where we would stay until 1973. I attended Westwood and Park School for Kindergarten, then after moving to Phoenix where I attended Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Papago in 1st grade. In second grade I started at St. Agnes Catholic Grade School where I met a girl in my second classroom in 1967 that I would later marry when I turned 31 years old. More on that later.

As a youngster I played baseball and was active in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Great thing is, I am still good friends with many of those people to this day. In 1969, I played for the Pee Wee Yankees and we won the championship. The ONLY trophy I ever earned, and I am damn proud of it.

I was quite the collector of Baseball / football cards earnestly trading and making deals that would rival today’s NFL Draft. Just a bunch of 10 year old wheeling and dealin’ baby. I did everything a good Catholic boy does. First Holy Confession, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I also lit a whole bunch of candles being caught by the janitor inside of the Church and being brought before Father Heaver. He sent me off with a stern warning.

In 1973, our family moved back to Casper where I attended East Junior High in 8th grade, and Dean Morgan in 9th grade. I spent the rest of my time at Natrona County High School graduating in the infamous call of 1978.

In 1974, I joined the Casper Troopers playing in the “B” Corp and then graduating into the “A” Corp for the summers of 1975 and 1976. I worked for Grant Street Grocery the 3 years of High School where I met my great friend Greg Deru. The traveling bug from being in the Troopers is one that stayed with me as I traveled extensively throughout the Continental United Stated, Canada and a little of Mexico.

I graduated from High School in 1978 from Natrona County High School. After High School I took an extended trip with Mark Kudrna, driving from Casper to Phoenix, to San Diego then all the way up the California Coast staying with relatives, sleeping on the beaches, smoking some great weed, seeing a Giants game at Candlestick, being at the taping of the Gong Show and The Tonight’s Show with Burt Reynolds as a guest host. (By the way.. do you know I love baseball?) (In fact a couple of days ago I hit a ball long and deep to the gap in Right-Center Field…) Mark and I continued our trip up into Oregon and Washington. Then back through Idaho, Montana and Home.

I went to work for Cream-O-Weber when I returned to Casper. I worked in the oil field for a short time as well as carpentry work, home insulation, D.J., Dancer at Studio 9, and it was there I learned the art of bartending where I worked for the next several years. I managed The Beacon Club in 81, 82. Left and went to work at The Gusher for the next 2 years.

It was there I was recruited to sell Life Insurance from Bankers Life and Casualty. I was a top performer many times over a 3-year period but with a dying economy.

It was in early 1981 that I had decided to go seek out by birth father. I knew he lived in Phoenix per my mom. After we met I realized not only did I have my brothers that I grew up with, Mike and Pat Goodman, but Don Karsky had remarried and had two daughters and a son. So, I ended up with 2 sisters and another brother.

In 1986 I tried my luck moving back to Phoenix. There I could only drum up bouncer positions at several different places and worked road construction shoveling 180 degree asphalt in 110 degree temperatures. I learned about computers and insurance billing. For the next 15 years I worked doing insurance billing, coding, paying and servicing health insurance claims.

I had fallen away from my Catholic faith, but ran into this girl I had met in second grade in 1967. She was actually teaching the pre-kindergarten class in the school we had met twenty years prior. (I rounded 1st base and wasn’t letting up at all…) So, since Mary was working at St. Agnes as the Pre-K teacher, it just went without saying that her boyfriend would wind up being Batman and come every year and visit each new class.

I had to show up and do talks to each year’s class about not talking to strangers, unless of course they dressed up like a bat, drinking all their milk and trying to convince them that Spiderman was a big Wimp.

Mary had been married before and was going through a divorce. She already had two little guys about 4 and 5 years old. It was great for me because now I had a couple of little people that I could teach how to stunt fight and we could go out on “Guy’s Nights” and burp, fart, and cuss without having worry about offending the women folk.

Since Mary was back at St. Agnes, she actually graduated 8th grade there, then 4 years of Catholic High School. They started going to all the functions and with my Type A personality, soon I was taking over everything that I got involved with. Member of the School Board became President of the School Board. Member of the Parish Council became President of the Parish Council. Den Leader in Cub Scouts, of course became Cubmaster, and being an assistant coach on the baseball team became head coach which lead to being President of the league.

One of my prouder moments being the President of a true summer league in inner city Phoenix is when one of the top cops stops you to thank you for keeping over 1,000 kids off the street and out of trouble because they have a league to play in and a team to play on.

So, back to the story… I finally convinced that mother of two boys that not all guys were bad. Mary and I got married on April 13, 1991, at the same place we had met 24 years earlier. We soon added to the family by adding two more boys to the mix. The boys got bigger and Mary and I got older. I used to teach Andrew that my goatee used to be black until he was born and then overnight it went gray. His perception is… dad you just got old.

In 2009 I was able to convince Mary to leave Phoenix. A huge surprise to me she actually said yes. I went to work for Meadow Gold, then for Coke and finally for Pepsi. Around 2015, I started having problems with breathing so we went to see a doctor. Turns out I had a bad ticker.

On October 13, 2015 I had my first open heart surgery. Got out of the hospital on October 30, 2015. On November 8, a little 5 year old boy was playing with matches in the neighborhood and lit the whole hillside behind our house on Ridgecrest on fire. So we rented a house from our good friend David Dewald. We finally got back into our house 10 months later. (The ball was bobbled in the outfield as I saw my opening I stood there rounding third and deciding what the hell… go for it.) I was forced to go onto permanent disability where I have just shuffled along the past 7 years.

Lots of fishing and an occasional appearance at a reunion dressed like a certain flying mammal. Anyway, started having trouble with the ticker again so they wanted to do a second open heart surgery using a mechanical valve this time.

I am survived by my wife Mary. Known her since September of 1967. Married for a little over 31 years. Love her with all my heart. Matthew Roberts, 39 years old, Casper (with Shana Suffel), Luke Roberts, 38 years old, Katy, Texas (with Katie Heck), Joe Goodman, 28 years old, Denver, Colorado (with Parisa Farshindow), and Andrew Goodman, 19 years old, attending Wichita State University in Kansas. Granddaughter Emma Roberts, and grandsons, Matthew Luke, Elijah and Ethan. My J-Birds. All my Aunts, my Mom’s sisters all who helped raise me. Joan, (Tom) Anderson, Judy Kraen, Jolyn (George) Wynn, Jerribeth (John) Harris, Jamie (Larry) Bodyfelt and Mary Mayberry. Brothers, Mike Goodman (Debbie) Wisconsin, Pat (Katie Hobbs) Phoenix, my sister, Lori Karsky-Ronn, Michael Karsky, my paternal aunts, Colleen Karsky, Linda Luptak, Pat Phelan, Loretta, I decided to chance it and sprint for the plate. After the bobble the center fielder threw a rocket towards the plate…

Preceding me in death is my Grandma and Grandpa Kraen, Joe and Janet Goodman, Don Karsky, Mother-In-Law Virginia Lara, and so so many really close friends. I’m in for the slide… the ball is there… it’s a close call… and the umpire is saying that I am SAFE!


In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the family during this difficult time.

Service information can be found here.

Richard Lionel “Dick” St Gelais

Richard Lionel “Dick” St Gelais: 1944 – 2022

Richard “Dick” St Gelais passed away peacefully on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at Central Wyoming Hospice in Casper, Wyoming.

Dick was born on January 23, 1944, to Constant and Simone (Belisle) St Gelais in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Dick’s biggest delight in life after the birth of his three children was when he moved to Casper, Wyoming, with his wife Debra in 1995. He loved and respected the beauty and wide-open spaces that Wyoming offers. He felt very fortunate to have been able to endure so many enjoyable and happy hunting trips in the state of Maine, Canada, and especially Wyoming. He had great memories hunting with his son, grandsons, special friend Jim “Doc” Hoag and all of his Rhode Island hunting buddies who came to Wyoming for many, many years of hunting seasons.

Dick was employed for 26 years with the fire department in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. During his employment he made many good friends and held many funny, happy, goofy, and sad memories.

He was preceded in death by his parents and his brother Roland St Gelais.

He is survived by his wife of 38 years Debra; sons Thomas and Glenn; daughter Monique; six grandsons, Zack, Drew, Hunter, James, Alex, and Landon; seven great-grandchildren; three siblings, Roger (Terry) St Gelais of Collinsville, Connecticut, Jackie (Joe) Laporte of Rotonda, Florida, and Vivian Dubois of Harrisville, Rhode Island; and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Cremation is planned after a private family viewing at Newcomer Funeral Home and Crematory in Casper, Wyoming. Arrangements are under the direction of Newcomer Casper Chapel.

Linda Carol Simonton Chivers

Linda Carol Simonton Chivers: 1950 – 2022

Linda Carol Simonton Chivers, 72, of Casper, passed away on November 7, 2022, peacefully at home. Linda was born May 11, 1950, in Seminole, Oklahoma, to Charles Richard and Thelma Mae Simonton. She grew up in Lindsay, Oklahoma, and moved to Big Piney, Wyoming, in 1958. After graduating from Big Piney High School, she married Clay L Chivers, and they moved to Kenai, Alaska, in 1970. Linda is the mother of one son, Clay L Chivers II, the joy of her life, and a second mom to many others, including Kristen Munn and Jennifer Yliz.

Linda worked for Alaska State Bank, starting as a teller in 1970 and resigning as a Vice President in commercial lending in 2002, when she returned to Casper to care for her dad. She went to work for Rocky and Lisa Eades at Eades Construction and Jason’s Friends Foundation as office manager after returning to Casper. She served Jason’s Friends clients with compassion and caring, as if they were her own family. Working for Jason’s Friends Foundation was one of the most fulfilling jobs she ever had in her lifetime.

Linda loved to fish, and she loved having a house full of company. Relatives and friends were always welcome to stay with Linda anytime, but her house was especially full during the Kenai River sockeye salmon fishing season. She enjoyed cooking delicious meals for the group, whether it was five or 35 guests. Since friends and family were scattered from coast to coast, she started “Thanksgiving in July,” and everyone came from far and near to join the feast and fun.

Linda also loved to serve. She volunteered for organizations wherever she lived. She was also a great competitor and enjoyed Skip Bo tournaments, and loved to catch the biggest and most fish. She served on the Board of Directors for the Kenai Chamber of Commerce, and as President of the Kenai Chamber.

Linda spent the past few summers back in her state of Alaska on the Kenai River with her brother Charles.

She leaves brothers Bruce (Silva) Hinman and Charles Simonton, son Clay L Chivers II (Jennifer Yliz), grandchildren Clay L Chivers III and Jesslyn Chivers, and many dear friends.

Arrangements are under the direction of Newcomer Casper Chapel. To leave a special message for the family, please select the “Share Memories” option.

Linda’s service will be livestreamed at the scheduled service time. Click here to view the service.

Sharon Pearl Mason

Sharon Pearl Mason: March 30, 1944 – November 12, 2022

Sharon Pearl Mason (Ferguson), 78, passed away at Central Wyoming Hospice in Casper on November, 12, 2022. 

If there were such a spirit as the spirit of the west, that would be our mom. With the strength of the Wyoming wind, she was beautiful and sharp. The prairie song of the meadowlark never far from her ear. She smelled of sage and smoke and inspired us all with her pioneering heart. 

Sharon was born on March 30, 1944, to Dwain and Virginia Ferguson. She grew up in Thermopolis, graduating from Hot Springs County High School in 1962. After graduation, her journey took her to live in a variety of places both overseas and in the Rocky Mountains. She finally settled in Casper, where she raised her family. For a number of years, she ran a daycare out of her home, impacting generations of kids as “Aunt Sharon.” She also worked as a secretary at Casper Air Service and retired from Wyoming Machinery. Sharon was an avid gardener and had the green thumb to make anything grow out of a patch of sand. She also enjoyed the Bighorns with family, especially when she could dip her feet into a mountain creek. Her cinnamon rolls were family famous and were always present during the holidays. Her greatest joys were spending time with family, cooking way too much food, crafts, and reading. 

Sharon is survived by brothers Stephen Ferguson of Mills and Kenneth (Shanna) Ferguson of Gillette, sisters Carol (Russ) Dowdy of Thermopolis and Pamela (J) of Colorado, sons Michael (Allison) Leroux of Georgia and Scott (Taneshea) Kerr of Casper, and daughter Michele Kerr of Casper, as well as grandkids and great-grandkids. She was preceded in death by parents Dwain and Virginia Ferguson and sister Genevieve of Thermopolis. She was an active member of Untethered Church of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and she loved the Lord. 

Per Sharon’s wishes, a celebration of life will be held this summer in the Bighorns.