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Obituary: Pauline Mae Pivik Taubert

Pauline Mae Pivik Taubert

Pauline Mae Pivik Taubert: 1923 – 2023

Born of Slovenian immigrants Joseph and Mary Pivik, Pauline Mae was the first born into a Wyoming coal mining family of three siblings; Arlene, Joseph, and Stan Pivik, in a two room house, in Gunn, Wyoming, in 1923.

Her life was rich in love as her father toiled away in the Wyoming coal mines to provide necessities for his family.  This is where she learned lessons of hard work from her parents and faith in the Lord.  During this time, family working together brought a wealth of love into her life and to her family. 
She shared this love so generously with all throughout her life.

Pauline grew up in Rock Springs, Wyoming, a beautiful young lady.  She excelled, was a strong athlete, a good student, and her penmanship was “Palmer” perfect. 

Noticing her keen sense of talent, fate would have it, that her mother’s friend befriended Pauline, and after completion of 8th grade Pauline left home and accepted this opportunity to attend florist school at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado. Upon completion of becoming a florist, she accepted a position at Hadley Palm Floral in Casper, Wyoming.     

It was in Casper where she met her love and partner for a lifetime, Louis W Taubert, on a blind date.  Soon after they married in Cutbank, Montana.  With “six is the limit” written on their honeymoon vehicle, true to their word, six children would follow:  Kurt Taubert, Louis Taubert Jr. (Kelly), Carlene Taubert (Mark Parker), Anita Taubert (Bob Turnbull), Frieda Taubert and Robert Taubert (Teresa).

From the church pew to the endless after school activities, ranching to minding the store, attending markets to a busy kitchen, where the dinner table was always set, she was never out of place.  Everything she did was done seamlessly and with grace.

Pauline nurtured all, and was dedicated to providing endless opportunities and countless experiences for her family, along with others.  The strong family bond she instilled was evident by her children choosing to return to the family business. 

What a dream it was for her and her husband to work side by side with their children for a lifetime.  Up until her 99th birthday, she came to work regularly.  Her legacy will live on as she was a guiding force in the longevity of Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters. Pauline was forever grateful for all the friendships and relationships that she developed with customers throughout the years.

Pauline loved her grandchildren and great grandchildren (11) and supported them in all their endeavors.  Likewise, her grandchildren loved and cherished her dearly:  Cody Lou Taubert (Dave Shields), Kyler Shepard (Mike), Kate Murphy (Jace); Monica Parker, Stan Parker (Tori); Kassadie Gastgeb (Matthew), Bobbi Brooke DeRose (Brian); Lauren and Harrison Taubert. 

Her nieces and nephew were also very dear to her:  Buddy Missel (Peggy), Catherine Engels (David), Peggy Wagner (Sam), and Pam McGarvey (John).  Pauline is preceded in death by her late husband, Louis W Taubert Sr.; siblings, Arlene, Joe, and Stan Pivik; inlaws, Walt and Frieda (Taubert) Missel.

Her life ended on a note of peace and tranquility.  She will be forever missed and in our hearts.  A private family service has taken place at the Fort Laramie Community Presbyterian Church in Fort Laramie, Wyoming.  She has been laid to rest in the Fort Laramie Cemetery, Fort Laramie, Wyoming where the family ranch and Lou Taubert family business was established in 1919.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Wyoming Alliance on Mental Illness, Casper Wyoming Chapter, PO Box 1883, Casper, WY 82602.