Ryan Andrew Rosty

Ryan Andrew Rosty: 1990 – 2023

Ryan Andrew Rosty came rip roaring into the world alongside his built in best friend, Samuel on June 12, 1990. Since that day, the Rosty boys were a team, a force to be reckoned with.

As Ryan grew, he discovered his true calling, being of service to others. Ryan was the person you called when you needed an extra hand, and he was always happy to help, no questions asked. However the true gift Ryan unknowingly created was the physical reminders we will have of him, all around us. In our homes we have projects that were built with the help of Ryan’s hands, on our next camping trips the campfire will remind us of his playful laughter and when we go fishing we will remember to be silly. For all of us who truly knew Ryan, even just a little, we lost a shining light.

Ryan was born in Casper Wyoming to Shari Klincko Skaj and Vincent Rosty. He was born ready to take on the world and even more ready for the challenge. The fire inside of Ryan burned fiercely and drove him to live life to the fullest everyday. He never met a stranger anywhere he went, swapping stories with fine points and vigor, and making people smile.

Ryan had a passion for camping with his family, extreme fishing and the Denver Broncos. His passions were shared by those around him and have created decades of fond, sometimes colorful memories, for us to carry with us on the rest of our journeys.

Ryan Rosty’s 33 years of work on this earth ended August 25, 2023.

Ryan is survived by his greatest accomplishments, his children, Mason and Kylee. He glowed with pride whenever speaking of them and they were undoubtedly the best part of his life. Ryan is also survived by his adoring mother Shari; partner in crime and twin brother, Samuel (Linda Rorabaugh); loving partner Lindsay Martin; Aunt Kim and Uncle Peter Bartz; cousins, Stacey (Paul) Hult, Trish (Bo) Bilek and Jacob (Holly) Bartz.

Ryan (Uncle Ry Ry) is also survived by his five nieces and two nephews, whom he loved with all his heart.

He was greeted warmly by his father after exiting this earthly realm. Ryan was a prince, a fighter, and faithful companion. He is finally at rest. Ryan was loved with an immeasurable passion by all those he left behind. We hold him close within us and ask you to do the same. All people die, but not all people live. Yet that’s what Ryan did.

He lived.