Jarrad Kane "JRad" Campos

Jarrad Kane “JRad” Campos: 1981–2023

Jarrad was born on March 10, 1981, to Kathy Parsley. They came home from the hospital to a house full of family waiting to meet and hold her favorite newborn son, including his two older sisters, Amber and Amanda. They would welcome their younger sister, Sara, to their family a few years later. Jarrad’s family believes that he was a gift from God. Kathy doesn’t know how she got so lucky to be given the gift of Jarrad, but she is eternally thankful she was chosen to be his Mom. Jarrad was a sweet, funny, charming, and charismatic soul from day one. Being raised in a home with three sisters by their Mom certainly contributed to the softness of his heart and the gentleness of his soul. Kathy, Amber, Amanda, and Sara never stopped nurturing and caring for Jarrad! They loved, honored, and protected him fiercely throughout his life.

Jarrad was a master at video games and defeated the big bosses many times. He was always cracking jokes and took great pride in making people laugh. Jarrad has always been extremely quick witted, and everyone loved to be around him. You would just see this little boy coming toward you, smiling with his big brown eyes and long black hair and your heart was instantly happier. Jarrad never lost that effect on people. He was truly one of a kind.

On September 26, 2003, Jarrad’s daughter Taliah Ivy was born. A more doting daddy you would not find. He would travel all over to see his Punkin play sports and so they could spend time together. Jarrad’s stepdaughter Bella McKim was extremely important to him, also, his eyes would light up when he talked about her. Elise Katherine was born on May 30, 2017, and Jarrad’s heart was made whole. He video chatted with is little Bubba every day. He loved telling stories about his pride and joy, the apples of his eyes, his beautiful baby girls.

Art and music were always a big part of Jarrad’s life. When he was a young kid he would go to his older cousin Ron Reed’s house, who saw how interested Jarrad was in playing his drums and guitars, so he would often invite Jarrad over to watch and jam with his band. This was the birth of Jarrad’s love for making music and playing in bands. It wasn’t long before Jarrad had his own drum kit and played countless hours of music in their house where most of their friends would gather, making lifelong bonds and memories. This was the beginning of the EVC, a brotherhood that would last a lifetime. He would fill the entire town of Evansville up with the sound of him drumming all day. Jarrad was a member, sometimes founding, of some great bands, mostly in Casper. The list includes: Thanx Ed, Big Sexy, Drawfire, Somedays Later, Seeds-n-Stems (later EazySide), and System Restore. Jarrad has many times been described as the best drummer one has ever seen play. His cover of the Rolling Stones hit Paint it Black was thrilling to see and hear.

His artistic talent was recognized at a very young age, as well; Jarrad is known for his amazing ambidextrous skill with Etch-a-Sketches of all sizes. His graffiti-like art can be found all over Wyoming, and likely well beyond. He once took first place in a graffiti contest out of about 10,000 entrants. In Casper you can find his work on display on a pillar inside of the Gaslight Social. As an adult, Jarrad’s calling as a legendary local tattoo artist was answered and he began an apprenticeship at The Ink Spot. His tattooist career continued through additional shops Dark Tree Social and Final Thoughts, and he was featured at tattoo conventions in Denver, CO. Jarrad was named Casper’s Favorite Tattoo Artist in 2018, and was nominated for Wyoming’s Best Tattoo Artist in 2022. Many of his family, friends, and countless customers now proudly wear Jarrad’s art on their bodies.

Jarrad didn’t have any brothers by birth, but he definitely did have brotherly bonds with many. Zate Phillips, who preceded Jarrad in death, was his first and dearest friend and they spent almost all of their childhood together. Jarrad never stopped missing Zate, and it does give some comfort to know they are now reunited. There are two surviving brothers, as well, Dustin Strzesak and Tony Klitzke. If you know one of these men, you must know all four, because they have been brothers almost all of their lives.

Jarrad was also preceded to the Heavenly gates by his Grandma Faith Sara Parsley, brother-in-law Paul Goodfellow, uncle Johnny Reed, and cousins Steven MacMillan, Travis Martinez, Bhretten Reed, Amelia Rodgers, and Melanie MacMillan.

He is survived by his Mom Kathy Parsley, daughters Taliah Ivy Lebeaux, Elise Katherine Campos and Bella McKim (Brandee), sisters Amber Strzesak, Amanda Goodfellow (Travis), and Sara Fasula, brother-in-law Dustin Strzesak and soon to be brother-in-law Dustin Jaehn, aunts Judy (Bob) Fredrickson, Peggy Reed, Barbara MacMillan, and Colleen Rodgers, cousins and their families Ron and David Reed, Brandi Rodgers, and Aaron Macmillan, nieces and nephews Jeremiah, Madison, and Gabriel Strzesak, Mikael Lattea, and Jarrad and Ariana Goodfellow. He is also survived by stepdad Gino Fasula, and too many friends who were more like family to list, but please know that you are far from forgotten!