Coal production in Wyoming dropped to its lowest yield since 1965. (Cartoon by Greg Kearney)

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Enough with Jeffree Starr coverage already!

Please quit treating this person as if it is news; it is not, and nobody in Wyoming cares what Starr is doing on is little acreage in Wyoming.

– Guy Taylor

Is the new Wyoming driver’s licenses a subtable voter I.D.?

How valid is the Wyoming driver’s license as and ID  these days?  

According to most govt. ID’s your picture and signature is suppose to match with your driver’s license.  Well the new driver’s license does not give enough room for your signature.  

Most signatures can barely be seen as they are so small, let alone able to be read to even compare if it is that person’s signature.  The picture is also very dark on most, so you really can’t match up the face very well either.  

I have called many departments, as I am most concerned about the next election.  I do not think these licenses will be acceptable as a valid ID FOR THE NEXT ELECTION.  No one from govt. offices ever gets back with me about it, and when I called the dept. of transportation she just said there isn’t enough room on the new ID.  

Well it is the same size of a card, and that signature should be readable to compare with the person’s signature, and the picture should be better to see that it is that person.  

In a Republican state it sure appears to me that if our Driver’s License is used for the election no one is going to accept our vote.  People need to be serious about this.  

I am a notary and I just don’t see how we are expected to pass the NEW Wyoming Driver’s License as a valid ID.  I have even emailed the governor and no one seems to care.  No one can even guess what the signature line even says cause you can NOT READ IT AS IT IS TO SMALL.  It looks like a tiny squiggly line. HOW WILL THIS AFFECT OUR NEXT ELECTION?  

I do not think it is a valid ID AT ALL.

–Roberta Renee Kelly