The Beech Street Transfer Station will temporarily close Tuesday in Casper. (Screenshot via Google Street View)

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Our Bus Service

With regards to the bus, I am working for the needs of myself and the people of Casper and visitors of Casper.  

Communications should be public and in the news.  Mr. Moore is not a part of Casper, has no feel for what our City is about and does not comprehend what the peoples needs are.  I want to get a delegation of people together to work on this.  

The breaking apart of the bus service is terrible when it had been so successful.  In 2010 up through to before bus stops were dropped and the Yellow bus route completely torn apart, all six buses were close to 3/4 full.  

There is a study in your file somewhere around 2010 to 2012 that shows the high volume of people transported.  Many people took the bus to go to work.  All the stops were needed and buses did not stop unless people were there to get on. You devastated many people and some have moved out of Casper.  

The buses need to be kept ON TIME and not pulled off the routes to go elsewhere.  You need to put your vehicle away for one to two months and just use the bus to get around the city. Now there is a lax on instructing the bus drivers to tell people getting on to put the masks on when entering and keeping them on.  The bus is small quarters with little circulation of air. 

Joyce Sisk, An Elder – NOT AN OLD LADY – Retired Business Woman.

Casper Senior Center – Easy Clogging Line Dancing

I need dancers, Monday mornings 10:30 a.m. on the Dance Floor, women and men who are brave enough to try…. FREE — Easy Clogging by Joyce Sisk at the Senior Center, 1831- 4th Street Starting NOW , July 2021 !!

If you like Music, come join in the Fun If you are 60+.
“We DO NOT Jump, Stand on One Foot, or Go Around in
Circles. I Keep it Balanced.” It helps with circulation
and strength in your legs.

With each song requiring
a different routine, it is great exercise for the mind.
If you do not want to or are unable to stand, join us and sit
and tap to Western, Rock & Roll, Christmas and more 

Just walk into the Senior Center if you are 60 to 100+ years old or Call (307) 237-4908 for more information.

Joyce Sisk

Natrona County Fair

To the Newspapers: I would like to suggest picture spreads of events in & around the Casper area.

For example, public & news photos, updating new activity pictures – taken by the public & submitted by the public, as well as paper photographers. I would have loved a  photo spread of the fair.

Many Casperites have family/friends participating in the varied activities & would frequent those pages.

I would also like to suggest an ongoing section that tells where the food trucks are going to be.

Susan Bentley