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Kudos & Shame

KUDOS to those in Casper that have gone out of their way to build inclusive activities & encouraged healthy options for all community folk.

I love seeing the family generations — young to old — enjoying the David Street Station events.

Every morning on my way to work, I see so many people out enjoying nature on the walking paths & floating the river. It’s obviously taken a lot of time & hard work & so very many people are appreciative. KUDOS to you!

For shame on the few people that go out of their way to ruin anything positive & joyous.

Really? Should we have to teach you to respect the efforts of others? How small minded & childish must you be to ruin others hard work!

The vandalism on David Street is a shame & a testimony to your immaturity. I am floored that people of this community have to ASK thieves to quit stealing the provided floating vests & selling them in garage sales. Those are skills taught to our youngest children.

Remember karma will come around to you & it ain’t gonna be a fun time. SHAME on you!

Susan Bentley

Mask and vaccine mandates

The CDC has stated that the unvaccinated have a 99% chance of surviving Covid 19 which also includes the Delta Variant. Vaccinated have a 99.7% chance. Given these amazing survival rates and the fact that we are a free nation, free of a dictator,  we have every right to decline an experimental vaccine. 

Funny how mid term elections are coming and all of a sudden the fraudulent Biden wants mask and vaccine mandates. Governors, mostly Democrats,  want mandates and lockdowns again, like the first time really stopped Covid huh? 

It’s time to stand up for your rights as a free American and tell government that YOU will decide what’s best for you and your loved ones. I for one won’t get a Flu or Covid shot and I’m done masking.

This is about control and submission then it is health….pick your side but don’t tell others to Vax or mask. It’s their life, respect their choice and worry about yours. A virus with a 99% survival rate isn’t worth dividing a nation.

Traci Mathias Editor’s note: The Mayo Clinic has compiled an extensive list of debunked myths about COVID-19 vaccinations, which can be read by clicking here. The unvaccinated vs. vaccinated survival rate argument is explained in detail here.

Low vacancy, rent price increase and evictions torment Wyoming. (Cartoon by Greg Kearney)