After 20 years America leaves Afghanistan much as we found it. (Greg Kearney)

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Patagonia won’t supply our Ski Resort with Merchandise because they have sponsored some conservative events.

Well Casper we know what we need to do. Lets boycott Patagonia here, we don’t need that kind of trash in our City

Kathy Leonetti

Women in the Word Celebrates 30 Years

Women in the Word is for any woman regardless of age, background, or faith who wants to grow in God’s word and learn and share with each other. 

Starting September 15th, we will meet on Wednesdays from 9:15-10:45am at Highland Park Community Church.

Register online at Find us on Facebook at “Casper Women in the Word”. Call Angela (267-8061) or Barbara (277-3366) with questions. Childcare provided.

Barbara Crews