Gordon ‘Not Interested’ In Accepting Afghan Refugees Into Wyoming (Cartoon by Greg Kearney)

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I am so very VERY weary of a very few people with hostile & inexcusable behaviors regarding homosexuality, etc. defining my state as if that were the norm.

Biased behavior is not unique to Wyoming.

Obviously, THAT isn’t what is drawing the rich folk to our state. We are blessed with a gorgeous & diverse state sparcely filled with enough people to unfortunately include hating malcontents.

That behavior should not define the majority.

As a 63 y/o Wyoming native, I expect folk moving into this state to respect our land & wildlife. Regardless of your net worth, leave the land better than you found it! Actions will speak louder than words.

Susan Bentley

Eclipse 4 years ago

Thanks for reminding me.

I moved back to Oregon four years ago this October and really miss you, Casper,Wy!

Love you bunches!
PS: CY Ave. Wendy’s rules lol

Thanks guys for listening

Cheryl ANN Ohler

Grizzley Bear deaths rise in Yellowstone (Cartoon by Greg Kearney)