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(Column) Rice: Just Another Gal From Casper – What I’m Watching Right Now Edition…

Kate Rice

Just Another Gal From Casper – What I’m Watching Right Now Edition…

Okay, let’s be honest: I’m always watching Star Trek. There are about 187 movies and TV shows to choose from (I exaggerate…a bit…), but for clarity’s sake, consider this an ode to 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Out of all of the original Star Trek movies, this one is my favorite (and in my opinion, the best. Yes, I know…lots of folks put Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home — you know, “the one with the whales” — in the #1 spot, but I said what I said). If you’ve never watched the original series (Whaaaa?!), check the OST episode “Space Seed” first for an introduction to Ricardo Montalban’s genetically-enhanced character, Khan Noonien Singh. 

In Wrath of Khan, Kirk and company are getting up there in age, and Kirk’s not too happy about this. He’s an admiral, not a captain, and he’s been missing the action. Then a training mission turns into a bloody battle with Kirk’s oldest nemesis, Khan. Khan and his fellow genetically enhanced peers were exiled on a planet that, when a neighboring planet exploded, devolved from a nice little place to settle into a harsh wasteland. A search party, thinking they’re on a different wasteland of a planet, accidentally provide an escape for Khan and his followers. He’s hell-bent on obtaining a piece of technology called the Genesis device (it can literally create life from lifelessness on a planet-wide basis) and, oh yeah, getting revenge on the one man he blames for all his troubles. 

The DVD cover of ‘The Wrath of Khan.’ (Kate Rice)

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hold your breath waiting to see how — or if — our heroes can get out of one scrape after another. And most of the characters, who at this point had been beaming into homes via our TV sets for about 15 years, are as familiar as they are entertaining and predictable — in the best of ways. Spock, as calm and logical as ever in the face of…well, everything. He’s even developed a subtle sense of humor. McCoy, as hotheaded and emotional as ever — nothing about him is subtle. And Kirk, hero status restored once he’s back in action, refusing to believe in a “No-Win Scenario.” We’re also introduced to some new faces, like Lt. Saavik, the half-Vulcan, half Romulan officer; Dr. Carol Marcus, the lead scientist working on the Genesis device and Kirk’s ex-flame (yep, one of many); and her son David, also a scientist.

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan may look a little dated, but its heart and soul are timeless. Sift through a myriad of streaming and digital rental/purchase options, or get a little “dated” yourself and purchase it on DVD or Blu-Ray. But get ready; it might just lure you into the rabbit hole that is the Star Trek Universe. That’s not a bad thing — just a time-consuming one!