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(Column) Rice: Just Another Gal from Casper – watching ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Kate Rice


Ok, there’s a lot to unpack with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show, so much richer than its title suggests, is one of my favorite shows of all time. However, Joss Whedon, its creator, has stirred up a universe of controversy. 

I’ve given a lot of thought to how I feel about watching the creations of someone who’s gone from feminist genius to misogynistic monster. Long story short, my perspective of its creator has definitely changed, but the writers, actors, make-up artists and others who worked to make this show a success still deserve their due. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t a show I expected to enjoy. I mean, that title, right? Is it dumb? Yeah. But it’s so many other things as well. 

It’s the story of a girl who fights monsters — many of the “Big Bads” are metaphors for very relatable issues — how high school can suck, sleeping with a nice boy, waking up with a beast, addiction, depression, unrequited love. The list goes on…

And Buffy doesn’t fight alone; the “Scooby Gang” always has her back. Giles, her Watcher and father figure. Book-smart-cum-powerful-witch Willow and ordinary, average guy Xander (who literally gets to save the world single-handedly at one point). Cordelia, who matures from vapid popular girl into a hero as fierce as Buffy. Vampire with a soul Angel, and later Spike, vampire without a soul who was fantastic as both villain and anti-hero.

Buffy is fun, funny, dramatic, ridiculous, chilling — I mean, the way the episode “The Body” deals with death is so realistic that it renders me breathless. And the season six musical episode (I know, every show has a musical episode, but this one is entertaining and it advances the story) dances viewers through all of the feels.

I have so many favorite Buffy quotes I could fill a years’ worth of journals: 

Cordelia: “Whatever is causing the Joan Collins ‘tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it…”

Buffy, referencing slayer Faith: “The girl makes Godot look punctual.”

(Ex-boyfriend, Riley): “… I got, ah, big stories to tell you too, when you’ve got a second.” 

Buffy: “Did you die?” 

Riley: “No.” 

Buffy: “I’m gonna win.”

They’re better with context, of course, so go on — dig in! 

Even if horror isn’t your usual genre (it’s not my usual, for sure), Buffy explores more than surviving monsters – it’s about surviving life. Search streaming/renting/buying options for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or harken back to the “old” days and buy all 7 seasons on DVD or Blu-Ray through places like Amazon and eBay.

The DVD cover for ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’