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(Column) Rice: Just Another Gal from Casper – Playing ‘Pictionary’

Kate Rice


Recently, some of my college-age friends were home during spring break — the perfect time to dig out several classic board games, some of which we hadn’t played in years. 

There were five or six of us, so we chose Pictionary. It’s got a super-simple premise: roll the dice, match the square you land on with the subject category on a card, and then draw that object.

That’s where the challenge lies. I mean, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, let alone an airplane crash (yes, that’s really one of the items), Pegasus, or… anything, really. (Think I’m kidding? Keep reading to see my “Buffalo” from a past game. It’s a long-standing joke.) 

Not only is drawing a challenge, guessing takes skill, too. Because believe me, no one was more surprised than me when one of my teammates somehow correctly guessed “drought.” Yup. I had to draw a drought — no vocal or pantomiming hints allowed. (A crappy cloud, dots for falling raindrops, and an X over the whole mess — see what I mean about guessing taking some skill?)

The object of playing is to have fun, and some of the way off-base (and off-color) guesses are far more entertaining. Sure, I like winning. But as long as everyone’s having a good time, the outcome is really secondary. Playing Pictionary, we hollered, giggled, swore — it was the best

Maybe you have Pictionary tucked in the back of a closet, or gathering dust in the basement. If not, places like Target, Amazon, or Casper’s own Toy Town all carry this and other fantastic games. And if you think you need to be artistic to play, I once again refer you to my “Buffalo” — which comes up about once a year on a Facebook memory. If someone who draws that badly enjoys playing Pictionary, anyone can. 

A “buffalo” in Pictionary form. (Courtesy Kate Rice)