Kate Rice


Is Top Gun: Maverick worth the 36-year wait?

Yup. I’ve seen the original Top Gun more times than I care to admit, and will probably watch this one over and over, too. Is Top Gun: Maverick deep? Nope. But that’s just fine with me.

Tom Cruise’s Maverick is a dude women love and men want to be. It’s kind of cinematic genius. You take a character who lives up to his name, throw him into all sorts of action-packed scenes, sprinkle in a few romantic encounters and a pinch of man-tear moments, and voila! You’ve got a blockbuster. 

Maverick’s still breaking the rules, flying the pants off of everyone else, and getting a little lovin’ on the side (with Jennifer Connelly’s Penny). He’s still a captain, because…well, that’s where the action is. And though he’s been in trouble about as many times as I’ve seen the original Top Gun, his admiral buddy Iceman (a heartfelt Val Kilmer cameo) has always run interference. His latest mission, should he choose to accept (see what I did there, Mission Impossible fans?) is to train the best Top Gun Graduates for what just might be a suicide mission. Including his old buddy, Goose’s son, Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller). And Rooster’s pretty salty with Maverick because…well, you’ll see. 

Now, my confession…

I should have enjoyed this movie more — and it was my own fault that I didn’t. I’m generally a peace and love kind of person, but I’m also an impatient one. Standing in line to buy tickets to a movie that was set to begin any minute did not bring out the best in me. As I was complaining to my friend that we were gonna be late, there was a long line, not enough ticket sellers, etc., a group of elders in front of us moved aside, noting that I was “in a hurry.” 

I’ve had a couple of similar public moments lately, and it’s not OK. I’m always liking people’s “be kind” posts, and I truly feel that the world needs more kindness right now. So, behaving like a “Karen” is humiliating — and I’m sorry.

It’s one thing to acknowledge my D-bag behavior; another to actually rein it in. I’m gonna work on delivering that peace and love vibe thing (how many “Karens” out there are just having a bad day? Still not an excuse, yo.) So if you see me acting like a d*** in public, feel free to call me out. 

I’ll probably go see Top Gun: Maverick again (tickets in advance!) so I can fully enjoy it this time. It’s currently playing at Casper movie theatres. If you’re in the mood for a fun summer Blockbuster, I might just see you there.