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(Column) Rice: Just Another Gal from Casper – Watching ‘Overboard’

Kate Rice


1987s Overboard really made a splash in my movie-going world. I’ve watched that flick so many times, I can totally quote along. 

The premise? A rich b***h socialite (Goldie Hawn) hires a poor, widowed handyman (Kurt Russell) for some yacht “home improvements.” She’s (unreasonably) unhappy with his work, tosses him (and his tools) overboard, refusing to pay. BUT, later, she ends up falling overboard, losing her memory. Seeing his opportunity to get even/gain back some of his losses, he claims she’s his wife, bringing her home to cook, clean and mother his 4 unruly boys. All goes well, until they end up falling in love…

Fast forward to 2018’s Overboard remake starring Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez. Is it better than the original? No. But, is it worth watching? For me, yes. Re-watching? Um…guilty.

What is it about this guilty pleasure I enjoy so much? Kinda everything.

In this version, Leonardo Montenegro’s a rich Latino playboy, and Kate Sullivan’s the widowed mom of 3 girls. She has two jobs, and is studying to be a nurse. She’s attempting to clean Leonardo’s yacht when things go south; he pushes her (and her equipment) overboard, and she’s fired from that cleaning service. BUT, later, he ends up falling overboard, losing his memory…

Like the original, Kate brings Leo home as her “spouse,” hoping he’ll earn a little money (he gets a construction job, which is pretty humorous), clean, cook. And, most importantly, watch over the kids while she studies (but never completely alone, cuz, y’know, he’s some rando dude). And, they fall in love…

While I’m down with the borrowed premise, I appreciate the remake’s unique takes. Moments where they use the original dialogue just don’t quite work as well.

I love 2018’s Hispanic element. From Leonardo’s family to the Latino construction crew – even the Latino-owned pizza joint where Kate works, folks are speakin’ Spanish. 

I also love Leonardo’s interaction with the girls – who are all played by fantastic actresses. I dig Eva Longoria as Kate’s boss/bestie, John Hannah as Leonardo’s butler, Colin – the entire supporting cast is fabulous.

It’s silly, over-the-top fun, with some really sweet moments too. Anna Faris’s Kate is funny and relatable; Eugenio Derbez transforms Leonardo from sleazy to adorable. So yes, I’m totally on-board for the remake. 

Search streaming options for either version of Overboard, or order the DVD/Blu-Ray options online from places like Amazon, or locally from downtown’s Sonic Rainbow.