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(OPINION) Letters: Don’t change election laws; Gray ran on false platform


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Dear Casper,

As much as I am not a fan of Chuck Gray, I don’t agree with changing state elections laws because of him. I hate to say it, voters are choosing Gray in a Red GOP/Trump endorsed State.

Bill Hopbell (Registered Democrat)


Dear Casper,

This is to respond to the letter about Mr. Gray and election oversight by the Secretary of State.

Mr. Gray ran on the false platform that Wyoming’s election process was flawed and open to manipulation. Not true. Wyoming’s election process has always been noted for the integrity of the balloting process and the secure methods used to protect votes and voters. That was noted nationally a few years ago when the state revamped the system to provide even more protections.

The proposals that Mr. Gray made in his campaign only reflects the denials of the national Republican party as to the outcome of the last presidential election and the ways that the party seeks to disenfranchise and strip voting rights from the people of the United States. Simply because the people overwhelmingly rejected the Republican candidate’s return to office. As a nearly lifelong Republican, I find that appalling. Our country deserves better from our elected representatives.

It would be an error for the voters of Wyoming — and our elected legislators — to allow Mr. Gray the opportunity to ravage our safe and secure voting systems and procedures to serve such a national agenda.

Joe Rogers