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(OPINION) Letter: Consider voting in favor of investment amendment


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Dear Casper,

I urge you to vote for Amendment A in the upcoming election.

This amendment will allow our cities, counties and other political subdivisions to invest in stocks. When passed the investing guidelines will be established by both houses of our Legislature. Allowing cities and counties to invest in stocks will improve the returns on their investments.

The state’s investments have been invested in stocks for the past 25 years and their returns are dramatically greater the cities and counties.

Currently the cities and counties are only allowed to invest in low paying CDs and government bonds. We need to pass this amendment to allow our communities to invest in stocks and bonds. It is wiser and safer because all of our eggs won’t be in one low interest paying basket.

Who knows, with better returns, maybe our taxes won’t continue to go up or at least they won’t go up as fast.

Please vote for Amendment A.

Bill Thompson