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Casper Firefighters express support of One Cent initiative


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Dear Casper,

The Casper Firefighters would like to express their support of the One Cent optional sales tax that will be voted on Nov. 8, right here in Natrona County.

Since 1974 we have received an incredible amount of support from this initiative. The equipment and facilities it provides give us a measure of safety and security that allows us to perform our duties at the highest levels possible. We have benefited greatly because of these projects and are proud to pay the one penny ourselves to further this community.

Over the next week we will be posting on our social media pages to show our support of the One Cent optional sales tax and to share with our friends and followers what it provides to the citizens of Natrona County. Hint: it is much more than just fire trucks and police cars.

We would not have the current opportunities we enjoy without this single penny tax. We will also be answering commonly asked questions surrounding the projects.

We would encourage everyone to engage with us leading up to this crucial vote so that you can be well educated and advocate for this community alongside us. Please reach out over social media or via the above contact information and ask a few questions!

As always, your Casper Firefighters are proud to serve this community; thank you for
letting us protect YOU!

Casper Firefighters