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Dear Casper,

This Elk Mountain corner crossing air space, nobody owns the air just like nobody owns the water. Private land owners own the land under the water but not the water, so if you come by boat and never get out of the boat to touch the ground underneath the water, it is legal and there ain’t nothing the landowners can do about it.

The same goes for the air. Nobody owns it, so if the hunters never put a foot on the ground they are legal in everything they did.

See, you have all these rich people coming to Wyoming, buying up these ranches, trying to land lock public lands and not allow public hunters access to them so they can invite all their rich friends to come hunt our state. That takes away from all the hardworking people who live here and hunt for the meat to feed their families.

Someone finds a way to get in legally without putting foot on private land, and the ranchers don’t like it. Now they’re trying to say they own the air. Ask them how much they paid for the air that nobody owns. I will bet you they will not be able to answer that one.

If people don’t start stepping up to this kind of stuff, there won’t be land the public will be able to hunt in the future. This is coming from a Wyoming native who has hunted this state all my life and actually had problems with the water issue, and beat it in court since I never left the boat and set foot on the ground underwater. All charges were dropped due to the laws.

Nobody owns the water. Nobody owns the air.

Joe Edward Cromwell

Cheyenne, Wyo.