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Paying my student loan debt

Dear Casper,

Growing up we were taught to pay our debts. I am not sure if what I read about President Biden forgiving millions of dollars of our student loan debt is true, but if so I see it as an economical decline.

I have a student loan and intend to pay it just like I agreed to; thus helping prevent more financial disaster to other Americans.

Peggy Lynn Shuster


Don’t shoot feral cats

Dear Casper,

As a trap, neuter, return volunteer in Colorado, I can testify that trap, neutering/spay, and return does indeed reduce feral numbers when worked with policy changes.  

Provide live catch traps and subsidize spay/neuters to volunteers. Kittens caught before 4 months of age can be adopted.  

Failure to act responsibly, and killing the cats will earn you just hate.

Debra Taylor


Casper school has openings

Dear Casper,

We are a non-profit preschool with a Christian-oriented program. Our teachers are experienced and educated individuals who have love for the children as well as knowledge and skills in working with young children.

We teach 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds. We have openings in all our classes. We do follow Natrona County School District’s calendar.

Please call 307-234-8522 for more information.

Kim Bolding, Director