Kate Rice


Every summer, I have the best intentions when it comes to tackling my reading list. And by reading list I mean the scores and scores of books I have scattered around my overstuffed bookcases, and end tables, and nightstand…

Now that summer’s (sadly) over, I’m re-committing myself to the craft. And as luck would have it, there are some really nifty books available at downtown Casper’s Wind City Books (because why stop buying books just because of an overflowing collection?).

For instance, Ron Richard’s newest fantasy adventure Group Six and the Crater (second in the series) was released last spring, but I’ve only recently started reading it. I can’t tell you much about it yet (because I’m only about 5 chapters in), but I can say it’s as entertaining as the first book — maybe even more so. Tresado, Foxx, Orchid and Serena are (thanks to one of Tresado’s spells gone awry) transported into a wasteland of horrors — with dire results (and a dash of humor, of course). Meanwhile, 50,000 years in the past, there’s another group of people struggling to survive this wasteland. Catch an upcoming column for more on this exciting story — or shame me by buying Group Six and the Crater from Wind City Books and beating me to the finish!

Another book I haven’t had a chance to read yet but am really looking forward to is Craig Johnson’s newest, The Longmire Defense. Walt Longmire and Dog stumble upon a murder weapon from a very old, cold case, and that murder weapon belonged to Walt’s grandfather! I’ve only recently started reading Craig Johnson’s books and I absolutely love them. The stories are interesting, and the characters are so well-written that I can see them clearly, including the largest character of all — Wyoming. I’m not always a fan of description (I’m more of a dialogue gal), but Johnson’s picturesque way of describing the region is authentic and beautiful. I’m officially a fan for life. 

And speaking of Craig Johnson fans — mark your calendars for Sunday, September 24th, because the author himself is comin’ to town! Wind City Books and the Natrona County Library are hosting Johnson from 2 ’til 4 as he talks about Walt’s newest…adventure? Conundrum? I may not know what word best describes it, but I am definitely intrigued! And if, like me, you haven’t had a chance to read The Longmire Defense yet, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy for Johnson to sign. That’s this Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Natrona County Library. For more details, visit windcitybooks.com or find ‘em on Facebook.