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Dear Casper,

I cannot believe how short sighted the City Of Casper is.

Making sure there’s adequate housing for the homeless should have been a priority. Your wage increases, new buildings, new cars were more important than shelters or adequate housing.

While you seem to be warm and fed, the food banks go empty and folks that can’t afford housing suffer the most. You, the City Council, seem to believe it can be swept under the proverbial rug. Hey, the rug is full. Help clean up the mess you’re making.

I am on national boards and subcommittees for housing with Statewide Independent Living Councils and National Association of Statewide Independent Living Councils. We’ve taken up the fight to find solutions because local city councils don’t seem to have one iota of care for their fellow human beings that are struggling. These people can’t afford food or medicines much less the insurmountable rents.

I want to personally congratulate you all for showing your lack of humanity and common sense. It’s appalling to see the City of Casper with such disrespect for the people who are underserved.

Do your jobs. Allow solutions instead of making more problems for the impoverished.

Pat yourselves on the backs for also stepping on the rights of property owners. You seem to believe we bought property for you to decide what we can and can’t do. Keep overreaching, by all means. It’s nice to be told what to do with what we worked hard for and paid for.

Quit stepping on our rights. I hope you’re all immune to ever having a conscience. It’s worse for those who stand by injustice and do nothing.

Amber Sparks